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Dear to my future life and to future humans,

I don’t know what kind of emotions I have today. But I am happy that I exist. No one can determine my feelings. But, this feeling that I have right now is just temporary. I am rooting to myself. I am gonna be the best version of my life.

I want your future will better and livable. More than we experiencing right now. Let us help to work the present and let us save the future.

By simply deal with the environment like tree planting is the best option to provide a better future for others.

We must preserve our Environment. We need action to make the world better. Let us help the future of others. Conserve and reconnect in our Environment.

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Dear grand nieces and nephews,

I wish you this security knowing we changed because we love you.


To My Friends, Family and Future Grandchildren,

I realize my reflection of the past, current and future state of the environment paints a grim and pessimistic picture, but I feel optimistic in our ability to turn planet Earth’s fate around if we all work together and commit to making a change.


Dear Tara,

Each of us only has so much power and the problem is HUGE, but I worked at this every day.


Dear Alex and Vivian,

This is my most important work.


Dear Tomorrow,

I will do my part to help ensure that there is an Earth left when we are done borrowing it.


Dear Tomorrow,

The only way to survive it, even if you don’t feel like you’re winning, is to keep your hands on the rope.


For my most dear and only daughter,

And I know life more fully because of you whom I live on through. 


Dear Abigail and Olivia,

What stories will you tell them about our generation? Will we be heroes or villains?


Dear Eleanor,

You are so small. So innocent. So beautiful. For you and for everyone else, I will try harder.


My grandchildren,

I promise to do my very best to educate your parents as best I can.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to pick up trash at every beach I visit, use metal straws, take quick showers.


To the wonderful children of our family – Elayna, Julianna, and James –

There is no issue more important to your future and your friends’ future than stemming climate change.

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