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Dear Parks,

You’re only 15 months old and already I fear for the world you’ll know. I’ve been doing my best over the past few years to lessen my impact on the planet, but I know there’s more that I can do to give you a better future. I promise to talk to more people, to take more initiatives, to FOCUS on how serious this problem is instead of believing people with more power will make changes. Because they haven’t and they aren’t. They have other priorities (the wrong ones, in my opinion) and I need to do more. I love you so much and hope that the world you live in at my age is BETTER than the one I live in now.

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Dear future love,

A culture of consumption is the reason that my world faces such an ecological crisis, it is both necessary and proper to address the fundamental mindsets that have created such a destructive culture.


Dear Eleanor,

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Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I’ll replace our lights with LED lights.


Dear grandchild,

There is a place on this planet called the Amazon, and I don’t mean the online shopping site (is that still a thing in your time?).


Dear AC,

I think a lot about where the right place to live is.


Queridos filhos Heloísa e Henzo,

Tenho muito orgulho da minha função (agente de fiscalização ambiental do Acre) pois é através dela que posso dar um pouco do meu suor, para que no futuro ambos possam ter um lugar melhor para viver.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to go DEEP GREEN


Dear Lucie,

Lucie, I love you more than you could ever know and I hope that my promises help contribute to a better world for you and inspire you to take action as well as you grow into the amazing adult I know you will be.


To our sweet grandson Caleb,

We want a safe and beautiful world for you, little Caleb, and for your children and grandchildren. We promise to do our part.


Dear Tomorrow,

I will encourage composting at work.


Dear friend,

I will fight for this cause and I will never ever give up because we, the youngsters, are the hope.


Dear Oliver,

I am getting your father on board too so that we can double charge this together.

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