The DearTomorrow project was built upon a simple idea: we must talk about climate change from a place of love. We believe that until we think differently about this problem, we cannot adequately address it.

DearTomorrow is a platform for people to create and share stories with their friends and family about why they care about climate change. As DearTomorrow has grown, community organizations, teachers and groups of friends have started carrying out the project in their own communities.

They have inspired us to pull together the following  resources, which are designed for any individual, organization (school, church group, community group, friends), or network to organize their own DearTomorrow activity using readily available technology, like computers and smartphones.

Letters and Video Project

The letters and video project can be used by organizations to share their stories, engage their team and members and inspire others. Example: DearTomorrow is a featured action on BeforetheFlood’s Climate Action Hub.

DearTomorrow can be easily integrated into science, writing and environmental curriculum ranging from middle school through undergraduate-level courses.

Example: ENV 151 Introduction to Sustainability, DePaul University, Jessica Vogt

Photo Promises Project

The photo promises project is an easy, fun activity for any group. It asks participants to create, document and share one new commitment to address climate change through actions at home, in their community or politically.

Inspire your community by showing examples from our Photo Promises gallery. Read and download “Photo Promises- 5 Easy Steps” and “Instructions and FAQ for Organizers” if you are interested in carrying out the project within your community.

Our team is available to further assist you in the development of the project and in adapted DearTomorrow to your community. Contact for information and materials including handouts and paper consent forms.

Sharing the Message

Once you’ve created a message for DearTomorrow, there are many ways that you can share your messages. Here are a few ideas:

  • Post on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to tag @deartmrw and #DearTomorrow.
  • Email your story to close friends and family, inviting them to have a conversation with you about why you care about climate change.
  • Create a photo exhibit, video screening or live reading of the letters.
  • Read letters at a community meeting or family gathering.
  • Submit your letter to a local newspapers or blog.


We encourage all participants to submit their messages to the DearTomorrow website and archive.  We are working to build a long-term archive for participants, intended recipients, and future generations can access in the future. We invite all participants to submit their photos, videos and letters here to be shared now and preserved for the future.