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Dear my future self,

First of all, I am sorry for making you climb the mountain back up to how the world and environment should look like. Now that it is 2050, I hope it is in a better place. To help with this here are some things I am going to do. First of all, I am going to eat less meat. Eating less meat is one of the top things you can do to help the environment. I hope when you are reading this, you are almost a full time vegetarian. Secondly, I am going to join a beach clean up crew each summer. Although the clean up job I am going to do will be very miniscule to the whole world, it is one more person helping. Without beach watches and clean up crews, there will be no beach that I can go to. I am keeping a promise to you, that I will advocate and push for a better future for our world and environment. Lastly, I want to say thank you. Thank you for finally making the effort and thank you for giving our world the second chance it deservers. As we know, there is no Planet B.

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Dear Grandchildren,

So here we are. In 2022 millions of people are suffering from the climate catastrophes, killing pollution and pandemic, not mentioning about poverty, gender and social injustice, racism, wars and dictatorships that can go on as long as bad people in power are allowed to grab our natural resources.


Dear Tomorrow,

We only have 11 years left until the damage done by climate change is irreversible.


Hey kiddo,

I’ll be here to tell you all the ways I have fought for the health of our home, and fought to protect all of the wide, open spaces for you to run in. When you’re old enough, we can fight together.


Dear future generations,

Past generations took all the trees, polluted all the water, fished all the fish, and hunted all the animals so that there’s almost nothing nice left.


To my children – Chase, Maya and Harlan

I hope that we manage to change the system really soon, while there is still time. So that you are not left with the mess, and trying to fix something that you didn’t cause. I hope we figured out a way to be kind, and caring for others who will suffer more than us. A way to let go of the greed and look at ways we can help others rather than take from them.


Dear Tomorrow,

This is just the beginning. It’s the accrual of little seeds of change that will lead to the tree of revolution.


Hi buddy,

I can now see that the solutions are there, that a transition of the magnitude that is needed, is possible.


Dear Nephew,

I am going to start doing better to have a healthier planet for you to live on.


Dear Tomorrow,

I feel optimistic for you, tomorrow. I can feel a shift happening already.


Dear Future Self,

I am scared of the things happening right now with our planet.


To the future generations,

I will stand on the streets, in the courts, and in the schools to encourage awareness and empathy for the earth.


Dear Lincoln,

I wanted to let you know that in 2019 that there were real struggles with the health of our planet.

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