Jill Kubit, Co-Founder & Director

Jill is the director and co-founder of DearTomorrow. After spending a decade working with the U.S. labor movement on climate change, she has become fascinated with how to best engage people on the complex issue of climate change. Jill is deeply committed to building new ideas, projects and organizations to explore this question and brings many organizational development skills to her work, including: fundraising, building partnerships, developing strategy, teaching, writing, organizing events, and managing projects. She has a Master in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School and a B.A. from Northwestern. Jill started DearTomorrow when her son Gabriel was 18 months old and has been working to build it ever since. Watch Jill’s TED talk about the founding of the DearTomorrow project. jill@deartomorrow.org

Trisha Shrum, Ph.D., Co-Founder

Trisha is co-founder of DearTomorrow and a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Colorado Earth Lab. She earned her Ph.D. in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School specializing in behavioral science and environmental economics. In her work on how moral frames and time preference affect support for climate change policy, she developed the fundamental concept that underlies DearTomorrow. She credits her own daughter, Eleanor, and Christiana Figueres for the critical inspiration. She holds a B.A. in Environmental Science and a B.S. in Biology from the University of Kansas and a Masters in Environmental Science at the Yale School of Forestry. Trisha has been studying and analyzing climate change policy for nearly a decade. trisha@deartomorrow.org

Gretchen Dahlkemper, campaigns and development

Gretchen is a nationally recognized climate campaign strategist working at the intersection of advocacy, stakeholder engagement, public policy and government affairs to build transformative leadership to combat the climate crisis. In her previous role of Director of Special Projects at Environmental Defense Fund, Gretchen launched Moms Clean Air Force’s field program that now boasts over one million members and leaders in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. Gretchen works with DearTomorrow to develop new, innovative initiatives to reach non-traditional allies, break down partisan barriers to climate action and is helping build effective coalitions both in the United States and with the international parent community.

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Photography: Mustafa Önder

A special thank you to key advisors and advocates:

David Biello, Molly Blank, Grinia Bradwell, Tristan Brown, Linda Cheung, Bill Clark, Ph.D., Michael Davies, Claudia Doblinger, Frida Eklund, Ilan Gutherz, Jennie Hatch, Eric Jensen, Beth Karlin, Ph.D., Ezra Markowitz, Ph.D., Elle Pak, Molly Rauch, Sebastian Serra, Harriet Shugarman, Dan Siegel, Brooke Suter, Gus Speth, Nathaniel Stinnett, Jessica Vogt and Suzi Ward

Our volunteers:

DearTomorrow would not be possible with the generosity of time given by dozens of volunteers. We’d love to especially thank Elle Pak, Geof Victory, Korinna Knapp and Kirsi Jansa for their ongoing commitment to DearTomorrow.

Join our team, volunteer with us:

We are committed to offering meaningful volunteer opportunities, in which individuals can utilize their professional skills and passion to help mitigate climate change. We are currently looking for talented people to join our team in the following roles:

Digital Marketing Intern/Volunteer

Help grow DearTomorrow’s digital presence and engagement through our key social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This role will be responsible for working with our Head of Partnerships & Campaigns to coordinate and execute DearTomorrow’s social media strategy. The volunteer will have the opportunity to develop skills and experience in social media, digital communications, and brand marketing. Responsibilities include:

  • Strategize on content ideas and content calendar
  • Execute campaigns and post on channels regularly
  • Monitor analytics to inform recommendations on how to increase engagement
  • Flexible weekly commitment of 5-8 hours

Education & Youth Engagement Intern/Volunteer

Help bring DearTomorrow to schools and universities to engage youth in climate change action. Classes and school organization all across the country are focused on climate change, many of which could benefit from participating in DearTomorrow and amplify the project’s impact. Examples of our diverse participants include DePaul University (Chicago), MRH Schools (Kansas City), San Jose State University (San Jose), The Scandinavian School of Jersey City (New Jersey), and more. From strategizing our approach to helping schools execute their version of the project, this role will help bring the conversation to local communities and tenfold our impact. [Multiple roles available]

  • Identify target schools and organizations that could potentially participate in the project
  • Reach out to identified targets and pitch the project to them
  • Work with schools that are committed to running the project
  • Surface feedback from partner organizations and suggest strategic improvements
  • Weekly commitment of 3-6 hours

Local Events and Community Campaigns Intern/Volunteer

DearTomorrow works with a diverse group of individuals, organizations and networks, including artists, community organizers, NGOs, frontline and faith-based communities. This volunteer will work directly with community organizers and organizations to help them carry out DearTomorrow within their own communities.

  • Help community organizers plan and execute their DearTomorrow events
  • Design customized materials and resources based on community needs
  • Collect data on events and surface feedback on strategic improvements
  • Follow up with community partner and curate material for social media
  • Weekly commitment 3-6 hours

Create Your Own Volunteer or Internship Role

If you are interested in helping with DearTomorrow in a different way, please email Jill, pitching your idea. We are interested in working with you to develop a role that allows you to use your strengths and skills in support of DearTomorrow’s mission.

Thank you for your willingness to contribute and work towards a healthy and safe tomorrow.

To apply for these positions, fill out the form below.