Photo Promises Project

Photo Promises booth in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2017

“Drawdown: Marin partnered with DearTomorrow to engage County residents, businesses, and visitors on climate change. DearTomorrow allows individuals to connect with climate change on an emotional level and consider what they can do now to leave the world healthier.” 

Alex Porteshawver, Marin County, California

“DearTomorrow was the perfect tool to launch Climate Dads.” Ben Block, Climate Dads, Pennsylvania

The Photo Promises Project is an easy, fun way to bring groups together either online or in-person. It asks participants to create, document, and share one new commitment to address climate change through actions at home, in their community, or politically.

Collecting these Photo Promises is part of the larger DearTomorrow mission, which is to inspire people to think differently and take action on climate change. DearTomorrow is also preserving a record of letters, photos, and actions on climate change for future generations.

Download the Photo Promises Project Toolkit for everything you’ll need to organize your own Photo Promises Event!


Additional Handouts:

consent form (print one per participant)

photo promises FAQs (print a few per event)

climate action inspiration & examples (print a few per event)

participant sign-in (optional)