Letter Writing Project

Families for a Livable Climate, Missoula, Montana, December 2019

We invite you to bring the DearTomorrow Letters Project with your organization, classroom, workplace, place of worship or community event. DearTomorrow can be done in digital format during COVID19 or planned out for a future in-person event.

In this project, participants reflect upon and write about their thoughts and feelings about climate change, their hopes and visions for the future, and what actions they are willing to take. Participants dedicate their letter to their loved ones (children, grandchildren, students, community, or future self) living in the future.

DearTomorrow can be easily integrated into science, writing and environmental curriculum ranging from middle school through undergraduate-level courses.
Example: ENV 151 – Introduction to Sustainability


Additional Handouts:

consent form (print one per participant)

letter writing worksheet (optional, print one per participant)

additional letter prompts (optional, print one for organizer)

climate action inspiration & examples (print a few per event)

participant sign-in (optional)