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Today’s Future,

To Be Young Again

Remember when life was no more than a breeze,
Long before the birds had ever met the bees.
When Jack could sleep with Jill and nobody cared,
Because girls were just boys with longer hair.

Remember when recess had no I-O-N,
Long before money was saved instead carelessly spent.
When mommy was happy and daddy was too,
Because all of their focus was on spoiling you.

Remember when Saturday mornings beat Saturday nights,
Long before chocolate milk became Miller Light.
When the best shows were “All That” and “Boy Meets World,”
Because boys were still boys and girls were still girls.

Remember when everything changed when you turned fifteen,
And those birds couldn’t help but meet those bees.
Where Jack saw Jill in a whole different light,
And neither were sleeping when she came over that night.

Remember when money, not leaves started growing on trees,
And we erased island nations for faster cell speeds.
When climate was used for travel destinations,
And your heart began to beat for a new revelation.

Your childhood was stripped, like the earth all around you,
Your grandparent’s resources no longer surround you.
The pressure for progress mounts on the shoulders of YOUth
And you cry out for change while hiding your truth…

That you’re a child of today, not a “Dear Tomorrow,”
But they age with you praise as they continue to borrow,
Your promise, your purpose, and use them for CHANGE!
When all you wanted, was to be young again.

-Jesse Igbokwe

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