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To those I love,


I’m writing this letter late on a night that I might forget. But I’m writing to you to see how you’re doing. Though I can’t get a response back, just check in on yourself and the world around you for me. The other day I did the same and found myself anxious but a sweet sense came over me as well. That sweetness was in the possibilities that lay ahead of me in the future you exist in now. 

The possibilities I encountered involved you living in a world that maybe looks a little greener and where people lead lives that are not shaded by the looming threat of climate change or nuclear holocaust. But I hope that the time you live in has seen the change I wanted to see as a child and young man. A place with less meaningless consumption. An atmosphere that’s thick with oxygen and the exhales of many happy things. 

I promise to think of you more. I promise to do my part.

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Annalu minha filha amada,

Espero de coração que, no futuro, você possa olhar para trás e se orgulhar muito dos pais que teve.


Dear Erica and Matthew,

I want you to be able to bring your kids to Tahoe and experience the same clarity that you had as a child.


To all the children of the future and those who love them,

While there is still breath in this body I will give of my soul and my time and energy to making the world a better place, for you, and all the beautiful living beings of this world.


Caro me stesso,

Non so dove e con chi sarò nel 2050, spero che sia un anno migliore di quello appena passato .


Dear Kids of the Future,

My wish for all of you is that the people of the present wake up and are able to change their habits.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to ride a bike and take a smart train.


Dear Future

My hope is for all who live in your time to still know the joy of swimming in the ocean, walking through the woods, and hiking in the mountains.


Dear Before The Flood team,

We can all be aware and sensitized to the problem, so that we are ready to embrace the solutions that will come our way. In doing so, we can all be part of the solution.


Dear Elliott,

We’re moving into uncertain times, and your dad and I worry. A lot. But you’re keeping us going. You’re pushing us to make better choices and not give up.


Querido amanhã,

Eu quero esse mundo melhor para você, onde o povo tem voz, seja lá quem você seja, eu vou fazer se tudo para proporcionar um mundo melhor para você.


Dear Devon and Chloe

I hope that my work helping to make your schools more sustainable will be something you carry on as you grow older.


Cari nipoti,

Siamo nel 2017 e vi assicuro che sto facendo tutto il possibile per rendere questo pianeta un posto migliore.

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