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To the future,

First, I hope this letter finds you existing in a world that has been restored and renewed. I hope that the human inhabitants have found their way back to humble beginnings. I hope that the world has begun to spin again in all of its green and safe air glory.

It is currently 12/06/2021 and I can honestly say I am scared. I am so scared for the future and what that looks like. I am scared that my little sisters and the people that come after us have to live in a wasteland. Understanding that the ocean is becoming too warm for the sea life. Understanding that most of the natural disasters that occur are in fact not natural, but man made by way of our choices. Understanding the impact that my day-to-day choices have on the environment. These are some of the things that make me scared for the future. The world is quickly approaching a point of no return, but there are ways to change it. Knowing that there are ways to change the current course of climate change is what gives me hope.

My promise to the future (specifically my sisters) is to keep having these conversations. My college course (global environmental) is what started the fire in me to make conscious decisions in my daily life, with the knowledge that every action has a reaction. My hope is that by continuing to have these hard and tiring conversations, it will spark something in others. I promise to make more environmentally ethical choices in my personal life that I know will make a difference. I promise to help those who are disproportionately affected by climate change. I promise to apply myself in any way possible that will make a change to not only my current moment, but will have a continous ripple into the future.

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To my dear children in the year 2050,

I don’t wish to go backwards, but I do wish we would slow down and design our brave new world with more care.


Dear Ellis,

So, dear heart, I am doing everything I can as the situation worsens.


Olá minhas Florzinhas!!!

Minhas florzinhas é isso…. vamos a batalha , procurar se informar sobre empresas que são amigas do meio ambiente, tentar banir as empresas que poluem nosso ar, nossos rios.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to live a car-free lifestyle.


To My Future Nephews,

I want you to see those corn fields in the north, the beautiful beaches down in Florida, and the stars in the woods at night.


Querida Futuro Yo,

Quiero que puedas decirme que lo hemos logrado, y que el mundo hoy es un poquito mejor porque nosotras pusimos de nuestra parte.



As one push of a button can set a spinner in motion, so too can the actions of one in creating a world that allows you to thrive, to giggle, to love.


Future Message to Earth,

Hope there will be no more droughts,
And no more pollution with which we fought,
Regarding every human should be taught,
Ensuring that we uniformly follow these thoughts.


Dear Future Self,

It was 2020, the year I realized that life is fragile—not just mine, but the entire planet—through immense consumption, pollution, greediness, ignorance, false bliss. This wasn’t the way I wanted to live my life, so I promise to actively make the change.


Dear Tomorrow

I promise to educate others TODAY.


Dear Future,

“I knew you would want to know how the future turned out. You got so anxious about climate change as we grew older.  By coming back, I thought I could help you with that.”


Happy 34th birthday my son.

To laugh at our efforts as they were on such a small scale, too small some would say to make a difference, and then smile when we think about the number families just like ours that did the same thing.

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