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Hansini Koppolu
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To My Future Self,

I think that climate change is a prevalent issue. Right now it is overlooked and ignored by lawmakers and everyday people. They assume it is not going to affect us, even though it already has. We have longer winters and hotter summers, and there are more hurricanes and wildfires than ever before. I promise to take bold climate action today to ensure that the future has a better world where climate change isn’t as such an issue. I will be more conscious of my actions, and what effects they have. I will try to be less wasteful and be aware of what impact I have on the Earth.



Hansini Koppolu (11/20/21)

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My grandchildren,

I promise to do my very best to educate your parents as best I can.


Dear grandchild,

There is a place on this planet called the Amazon, and I don’t mean the online shopping site (is that still a thing in your time?).


Dear Kids,

I know it’s long past time to wake up. You deserve a future in which drought, famine, and war are not all your children ever know; the choices my generation makes now will determine your future.


Dear Tomorrow,

We only have 11 years left until the damage done by climate change is irreversible.


dear tomorrow,

I hope that the state of the environment becomes a part of everyday discourse.


Dear Tomorrow and Dearest Lex, 

I do believe that the collective power of everyone’s best efforts can curb the worst effects of climate change, and provide you with a more stable and secure future.


To all the children of the future and those who love them,

While there is still breath in this body I will give of my soul and my time and energy to making the world a better place, for you, and all the beautiful living beings of this world.


I pledge to take the bus.


To my daughter and son,

Surrounded by scientists who shared my fears and visions, I often had a hard time to accept that outside our small community climate change received marginal attention.


Dear Lila

So today, my strong and spunky girl, I promise you this: I will stay vigilant and flexible. I will spread the word.


I pledge to stop using plastic bags.


I promise to stop eating junk food.

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