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To my family,

I watch the skies go from blue to grey, as my generation attempts to push back from the faults of what the species has done. I say species because all of us have contributed to the downfall of this planet. As the temperature gets hotter this planet gets more and more unpredictable. She finally said enough once more and I’m surviving a global pandemic. I think to myself is the disease killing us or saving her from us. I say that so selfishly because those with power are likely to survive and those who just are in the crossfire are those most affected.

Even amid this global crisis there’s hope, as people are seen less, the earth partly recovers. I can see hope for when you read this that I will try to neutralize my carbon footprint so whatever harm I omit I can balance it with the good. I start with the products I put into my body to not use any plastic water bottles, start to compost once again, and start growing food in my garden once I am back in my childhood home. Hopefully, the garden is still there for you to see my efforts.

With Love,


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Dear Future Kids Like Me,

What I hope for future kids like me is that they continue to ride the groundswell of climate change support all the way into action.


Dear Tomorrow,

The transformation of human consciousness


To My Future Children,

Most importantly, I hope you live in a world where science is taken seriously and fact is clearly distinguished from fiction.


Dear Future Sami Lee,

Everyone currently in life laughs and yells save the bees. We were a bee this year for Halloween and Lucy even came up with a great slogan “get with it honey”.


Pour ma famille,

Il faut trouver le 7ème sens et se battre pour des causes justes, comme l´amour et la liberté.


To my fellow adventurers,

Don’t stop looking for adventures.


To my children,

If there is one thing that I taught you it is to be honest in your decisions as they pertain to yourselves and the earth in which you live.


dear earth,

I promise those who walked the Earth before me and those who will walk the Earth after me that I will not stand by and let nature slip through my fingers.


Dear Jackson,

I feel deeply that it is my moral obligation as your Mom to protect your future and allow you to inherit a clean and healthy planet.


To my future children,

It’s not enough to just recycle. I will sign petitions and call my local representatives. I will also engage in conversations about climate change – even with people with whom I don’t see eye-to-eye.


Dear Gabriel,

When the worst consequences of climate change still feel far away today, or the barriers to acting on climate change seem steep today, I do not think about today. I think about you, and your world when you are my age.


Our Promise

I will turn my gas transmission into an electric car!

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