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To my family,

I watch the skies go from blue to grey, as my generation attempts to push back from the faults of what the species has done. I say species because all of us have contributed to the downfall of this planet. As the temperature gets hotter this planet gets more and more unpredictable. She finally said enough once more and I’m surviving a global pandemic. I think to myself is the disease killing us or saving her from us. I say that so selfishly because those with power are likely to survive and those who just are in the crossfire are those most affected.

Even amid this global crisis there’s hope, as people are seen less, the earth partly recovers. I can see hope for when you read this that I will try to neutralize my carbon footprint so whatever harm I omit I can balance it with the good. I start with the products I put into my body to not use any plastic water bottles, start to compost once again, and start growing food in my garden once I am back in my childhood home. Hopefully, the garden is still there for you to see my efforts.

With Love,


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My Mini & Lou,

Since I first sat down with these words, a pandemic has erupted. Racial violence is reaching a fever pitch and protests are raging across the nation. It feels like the planet is succumbing to entropy, slipping further into chaos. But I write to you from a time of shifting tides.


Pick up your trash wherever you go!


To My Daughter and Future Grandchildren,

There are so many more things that we can do together to help our Earth from the damage that has been done, and I am so excited to teach you.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to eat less meat.


To My Future Child(ren),

The fact that you are reading this means that you would know the answer to a question that has kept me up at night more often than I would like to admit: Did I make you proud?


My Dear Paloma,

I’m going to commit to raising you with your eyes open. Being aware as much as we can, how to better our environment together.



As one push of a button can set a spinner in motion, so too can the actions of one in creating a world that allows you to thrive, to giggle, to love.


Dear Tomorrow,

Don’t use plastic straws!


I love you Earth.


Querido amanhã,

Eu quero esse mundo melhor para você, onde o povo tem voz, seja lá quem você seja, eu vou fazer se tudo para proporcionar um mundo melhor para você.


Dear Tomorrow,

We want to let others know about how to fight climate crisis.


Dear tomorrow,

If there’s one thing young people have learned while quarantining, it’s that Gen Z holds so much power and is capable of a lot more than we think. We’ve created a community that has united us all and started to bring about change for the good of our futures. Now, with the help of Gen Z (and of course, people of all ages), we have the power to save our home, the Earth.

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