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to everyone,

Let me tell you something that you already know. Earth comprises of Living and Non Living things. Everyone knows what living things are but no one actually knows the number of species and sub species that inhabit this world. Even Infinity is not an apt adjective to quantify the number of living things that span across the world. And interestingly, many are yet to be discovered! Non Living things on the other hand are the Elements of Nature [Water, Land, Air, Space and Fire].

The Interaction between the Living and Non Living things is known as Ecosystem. Anything and Everything in this world is Interdependent, Interrelated and Interlinked to every other thing for Survival. Every living thing survives by obtaining inputs from the world directly or indirectly which satisfies its requirement and gives in return to those from which it obtained and/or to others directly or indirectly. Let me give you an example which is easy to comprehend. Example – Interaction between Trees and Elements of Nature. The trees are dependent on elements of Nature for their survival. In return, it releases oxygen (Air) which is required by other living things for respiration and helps in keeping the atmospheric levels (Space) in a stable condition by absorbing carbon di oxide. It enriches the soil beneath the surface of the Earth (Land) and makes it more fertile. Trees are one of the vital sources of Rainfall (Water) and the importance of trees in the process of water circulation in our planet needs no explanation. Next comes the Interaction between Trees and other living things. The droppings, half eaten seeds, fruits and remains of plants and animals, etc support the growth of trees. The benefits of trees are invaluable to the survival of all living things. Most important contribution by trees is the creation of habitat which is crucial to the survival of living beings. The Habitat in turn creates a food chain and facilitates Ecological Balance. The most Interesting point from this example is the fact that the trees give more in return to the world than it actually consumes from it. From this example, we can arrive at the theory that all the species [except human beings] give more in return to the world than they consume from it. The surprising fact is that the process of both giving and consumption by species are equally and crucially important for Earth’s survival. This example is the most elementary way of explanation because there is a gamut of science behind this process.

All the Interactions on this planet are very complex to the level beyond our imagination due to the reason that all Interactions are Interdependent, Interrelated and Interlinked. Any disturbances caused to this Network affects the Ecosystem and creates an Ecological Imbalance which affects earth’s survival.

We, Human Beings have extracted the maximum resources from our planet which is far beyond than what we require for our Survival/Enhancement. This humongous extraction is expected to increase in future due to the rapid continual increase in population. This Act of human beings disturbs the Ecosystem and causes ecological imbalance. This leads to a break in the network of chains/links. The only solution to fix this breakage in chains/links is the “Principle of Life” ie. Give more to the world than what you take from it. The more we take [monetary pleasures & Illusionistic pleasures], the less we have[Inner peace, restful state of mind and self contentment]. But, human beings instead of giving in return, again extract resources to the maximum extent possible. This causes an irreparable damage to Ecosystem. Let me give you another simple example. Example – Thousands of rhinos and elephants are killed for the needs which do not enhance survival/development of humans but for Illusionistic/Illogical/ wrongly guided convictions and reasons. Due to this, rhinos and elephants are endangered and even some of their sub species are extinct. As a result, all species and sub species dependent on rhinos and elephants are in a dangerous situation. Also, all species and sub species on which rhinos and elephants are dependent are affected which creates an Ecological Imbalance.

Again and again, I would like to stress on the point that all of us [both living and non living things] are Interdependent, Interrelated and Interlinked. When these linkages are irreparably damaged, our planet is on its way to self destruction caused only by Human Beings. Sadly, the destruction has already begun and we [humans] are the only reason for this destruction. You may question me that even Natural Disasters [like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, asteroid or meteor impact, etc] affect the survival of species. But, the truth is that the Natural Disasters are a process of replenishment and not a catastrophic process.

There’s an old saying that “Even too much of a good thing becomes a poison”. We, humans have turned ourselves into a poison. The venom from a snake which can kill numerous lives can also be used to create anti-venom which can save thousands of lives. We, humans are the only hope to this problem caused only by us. We must understand a very important and crucial point that our actions not only affect other species and environment but it also poses a very big problem to us due to the fact that we cannot survive as a solitary species.

There are a plethora of solutions which can be pursued and implemented but there is lack of awareness. To address this issue, the governments, rulers or whatever is the type of governance used in countries or regions around the globe; they should implement the solutions in a feasible and convincing manner. I will contribute to this issue to the best of my ability. I am optimistic that we can turn around this situation and leave
the earth in a better condition for the future generations.

Thank You.

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