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The 2020 Message to Every Nation on Earth, from God and Middleway

The 2020 Message to Every Nation on Earth, from God and Middleway

Humans are negligently polluting Earth and now have two choices, either:

REDUCE CO2 until fossil fuels are phased out… ORSTOP HAVING CHILDREN.

After over 50 years of warnings, the evidence clearly points to ACD (Anthropogenic Climate Disruption). Intelligent and moral humans only have these two choices: Either Save Earth from runaway global warming, or Do not put any more children into a Hell on Earth.

Blind, ignorant, immoral, selfish, greedy, piece-of-shit humans will not listen. Why send another child to hell? Any child born after 2020 will come to hate their parents for their ignorance and selfishness. Why would any decent human want to have a child, knowing that the child would suffer in hell?

Many will say that it is too late to save Earth, yet hypocritically think that having children is still OK. Once a carbon tax is implemented that phases out fossil fuels by 2050, Middleway will unveil a way to prevent runaway global warming. This is the 2020 message to every human on Earth.


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Dear Indigenous Persons with Disabilities,

Dear Indigenous Persons with Disabilities,


Dear Child,

Hope we get to have that snowball fight I always dreamed we’d have.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to never use a plastic straw.


Dear Thomas,

When you look at me with those big beautiful eyes and that innocent smile, you make me want to fight harder. And I do.


Dear Tomorrow

I hope that environmental issues are a thing of the past.


Al mio piccolo, grandissimo bambino,

Hai compiuto da poco 1 anno e giusto ieri hanno annunciato la scoperta di 7 pianeti che potrebbero racchiudere in essi la possibilità di sviluppare, o aver già sviluppato, vita a livello organico.


Olá Pessoal,

Com essas ideias simples e força de vontade, podemos tornar um mundo, um lugar melhor para se viver, com menos mortes, menos lixo, transforma-lo em um mundo diferente.


Dear Before The Flood team,

We can all be aware and sensitized to the problem, so that we are ready to embrace the solutions that will come our way. In doing so, we can all be part of the solution.


Dear Emilia and Tommy,

We, in our time, still have the chance to change course. We have the knowledge and emergent means, even the profitable technologies, to do so.


Dear Tomorrow,

The only way to survive it, even if you don’t feel like you’re winning, is to keep your hands on the rope.


To my precious children

I want clean air, clean energy and muddy feet for you. I want this for all children.


To the future generations,

I will stand on the streets, in the courts, and in the schools to encourage awareness and empathy for the earth.

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