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Te escribe Doña Nube desde el 2021,

Te escribo del pasado, 25 Enero del 2021 para ser más exacta. Estoy en la clase de Ética de los estudios del futuro, pensando a qué puedo comprometerme los próximos 20 años años.

Más que nunca estoy segura que debo comprometerme aún más con el medio ambiente. Me comprometo a dejar a un lado mi egoísmo y a pensar más en el cuidado del medio ambiente, a pensar cada uno de mis actos y el impacto que estos tienen con el medio ambiente, tratando de buscar diferentes soluciones, alternativas o caminos a esos actos míos, con el fin de que su impacto en la Tierra, sea menor.

Me comprometo a sembrar semillas de cambio, futuros y cuestionamientos en la niñez, quisiera que Nico viva en un mundo donde la disparidad de género es  menor, donde se respeta a la vida y en una sociedad– sino en su mayoría, un número importante– accione cambios para preservar el medio ambiente.

Soy puente, conecto usaré esa herramienta para provocar un cambio positivo.

Nos vemos en el 2041

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Dear Donatella,

We ran through the woods laughing, crying, and living.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to live a car-free lifestyle.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to turn old shirts into produce bags.


Dear next generation,

I hope that by the time you’re reading this, things have changed and people have started to protect the earth


Dear Future Me,

I hope that when we look back on these years,  you’ll see that humanity can be good. That we joined together and fixed it because of we don’t, who will?


Querida Tainah,

Quero que você beba água pura, coma alimentos sem agrotóxicos e que sua casinha branca com varanda, seja voltada para o leste, onde o sol vai nascer.


I pledge to take the bus.


To My Dear Grandchildren,

Be assured that in the upcoming election, I will cast my vote for your future – for elected officials that recognize climate risks and are willing to promote and vote for legislation that will stop environmental damage and begin to heal our planet.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will only use renewable energy.


To the future generations,

I hope that you all can enjoy the Smokey Mountains in your lifetime too and that they look how they did back in 2017 when I saw them.


Dear Jamie and Jason,

My inspiration was the two of you. It started with thinking about the world you were inheriting and what your future was going to be like. But then you taught me how important it is to listen to you – to listen to young people.


To older Rochelle,

You should’ve reduced your carbon footprint, should be using some source of renewable energy and be a vegetarian by now.

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