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Quierdo mis amigos,

Nuestra planeta es en peligro y yo necesito ayudarlo. Es triste que la gente afecte el medio ambiente y los animales y sus hábitats. Para proteger nuestra planeta, yo voy a reciclar los materiales como el plástico, el cartón, y yo voy a usar las bolsas reutilizables. Cuando yo reciclo, yo evito el plástico en los océanos y los problemas de respiración para los animales en el océano. También, es necesario que nosotros evitemos los emisiones de gases para el salud del aire de nuestra planeta. A causa de el contaminación del aire hay cambio climático en el medio ambiente. Recomiendo que nosotros difundas información por las redes sociales sobre el medio ambiente.

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Dear Abigail and Olivia,

What stories will you tell them about our generation? Will we be heroes or villains?


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to try to set up crowd funding for grants to people with realistic proposals to fight climate change.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to never use a plastic straw.


Dear me,

Remember how passionate you felt at 20, I hope you keep that passion in you and are still working on climate 30 years from now.


Querida Tainah,

Quero que você beba água pura, coma alimentos sem agrotóxicos e que sua casinha branca com varanda, seja voltada para o leste, onde o sol vai nascer.


Dear Tomorrow and Dearest Lex, 

I do believe that the collective power of everyone’s best efforts can curb the worst effects of climate change, and provide you with a more stable and secure future.


Dear Tomorrow,

I feel optimistic for you, tomorrow. I can feel a shift happening already.


dear future children,

As I write this, our world is slowly giving way to climate change.


Dear future family and friends,

This is our house.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to work with my family and neighbors to reduce carbon output.


Dear people of The Future,

Thank you for reading. Do your part to save the globe.


Dear Children,

I wish I had a crystal ball and could peep into it to see you all happy and safe in a world that nourishes you and that is also nourished by you, a world where the resources it provides are as valued as the people in it and not frittered away by greed and power.

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