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Quierdo Megan,


Un parte de mi plan para los ideas para un planeta limpio es no malgastar energía o agua. Cuando tú malgastas energía, es un causa de contaminación de el mundo. Es triste que nosotros no cuidemos nuestros plantea y malgastemos energía. Un parte diferente es doñar de los organizados para la seguridad para los especies diferentes de los animales. Es bueno para el medio ambiente porque con los donaciones, hay menos destrucciones de los habitantes para los animales y no puse especies de los animales en peligro de extinción. De hecho, no tirar basura en el mar ayuda los animales tambien. Es mal que nosotros ensuciemos porque es un problema ambiental muy grande y es un efecto para todos los seres vivos.

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Dear Future Kids Like Me,

What I hope for future kids like me is that they continue to ride the groundswell of climate change support all the way into action.


Dear future me,

I am 19 years old, and I am angry.


Dear Gabriel,

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – The Lorax


Dear Nuriel, Eliran, and Rotem,

Sometimes I think we will never make it, but I know we must keep trying.


Dear Evan,

What has most inspired me to act is wanting to be able to look you in the eye and say, “When I became aware of the existential threat of climate change, I did all I could.”  Despite my pessimism, I act in the hope it can make a difference for future generations and all the precious life on our fragile planet.


To the wonder,

Dear tomorrow, thank you for letting me ride the wave of wonder that reaches toward you for all generations of all species to come.


Dear Tomorrow,

I will work to restore the wetlands.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise my next vehicle will be an EV.


Dear Lillyana,

I will continue to work to make the Earth a cleaner and safer place for you to grow and explore.


Dear my future loved ones,

I hope that humans can live harmoniously with the earth.


Dear Grandchildren,

I hope we can pass on a better place to live so that my grandchildren and their future children can enjoy the beauty of nature that our wonderful God has given us.


Dear future loved ones,

As I sit here and write to you, I’d like to share with you something more horrifying than a few boos – our current home, Earth.

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