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Querida Dani,

Hola, soy tú de hace 20 años te quiero decir que actualmente la situación del medio ambiente esta muy mal, el planeta se esta deteriorando poco a poco y la gran mayoria de las personas no estan tomando acciones. Por eso que te digo que es momento de que hagamos el cambio, yo desde ahora me voy a comprometer a apagar las luces cuando no este en casa porque se me hace costumbre dejarlas encendidas, tambien me voy a comprometer a comer alimentos que traten de no producir mucho metano para la atmosfera y por ultimo me voy a comprometer a no usar mucho los combustiles fosiles.

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Dear child,

The journey of humanity does not take us to Mars like the world now likes to believe. It takes us home to our true self where there is no separate self. Where we are all one. You know all this. Look after yourself my child, look after your brother, your friends, your children, all the animals and the whole planet. Love them like there is no tomorrow.


Paz e bem

Vivamos a vida com intensidade, Não nos importando a localidade.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to ride a bike and take a smart train.


Dear Emile and Eloise,

The beauty and majesty of the world of your childhood is as remarkable as the beauty and majesty of mine, but the fragility of your childhood world is so much greater.


Dear Tomorrow,

I have solar and will be getting an electric car next week


Dear people of The Future,

Thank you for reading. Do your part to save the globe.


Dear Future Sami Lee,

Everyone currently in life laughs and yells save the bees. We were a bee this year for Halloween and Lucy even came up with a great slogan “get with it honey”.


To my precious children,

As you’ve grown older, I’ve become increasingly aware that protecting you means more than ensuring your short-term safety. It also means ensuring that you’ll have a safe planet to live on.


Dear Alanna and Valeria,

I promise you to keep trying, to keep educating, to keep pushing our elected officials to act and protect your health now and in the future.


Dear Tomorrow-My letter to the future 2030

I am most sorry we could not work through our differences, and see through the greed, get organized, and do more so that you could have a better life in your 2030 future.


Dear future family and friends,

This is our house.


Dear Child,

Hope we get to have that snowball fight I always dreamed we’d have.

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