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Para Gael,

Querido hijo.

Cuando tú naciste, mi vida cambió. Empezó a tener un nuevo sentido, porque el futuro, antes de ese gran momento, era únicamente para mí. Yo solo quería ser feliz con tu mamá, ganando cada vez más dinero y buscando reconocimiento en mi carrera profesional. Sin embargo, cuando tu llegaste a mi vida, el futuro para mi empezó a ser tu futuro. Y deseo que, en tu futuro, tengas las mismas oportunidades que yo he tenido, con acceso a todas las cosas simples que La Tierra nos da: agua fresca, aire limpio y un lugar seguro donde vivir. Espero que las acciones (cambios) que estoy tomando en mi estilo de vida (principalmente, utilizando racionalmente todo lo que necesito), te ayudarán a alcanzar un futuro mejor que el mío. Anhelo que tú también hagas lo mismo, por tus hijos, y por todos los que te rodean.
Con todo mi amor.
Tu papa.
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Cari nipoti,

Siamo nel 2017 e vi assicuro che sto facendo tutto il possibile per rendere questo pianeta un posto migliore.


To my children,

If there is one thing that I taught you it is to be honest in your decisions as they pertain to yourselves and the earth in which you live.


Dear Lila

So today, my strong and spunky girl, I promise you this: I will stay vigilant and flexible. I will spread the word.


Our Promise

I will turn my gas transmission into an electric car!


Dear Future Family,

As I’m sitting here trying to think of the best words to say to you all, I am thinking of one major thing: that I can only hope that you all get to experience the incredible beauty created by our planet.


Dear Kids,

My mistake was thinking I needed to give you more to be a good Mom. Recently your aunt asked me what my favorite toy was growing up. I gulped, I didn’t have one- it was the outdoors, sliding down a ravine of leaves with my Dad, skiing and camping. Today is October 12th, 2021 and I am still going to be giving you a lot, it’s going to look a little different – love, experiences, education and a healthy planet.


Dear future niece or nephew,

We loved hiking, camping, biking, swimming and playing as kids together.


Dear Brothers & Sisters All Across Mother Earth,

I promise to wholeheartedly live my life with an awareness of my personal impact on our communities and our planet.


dear earth,

I promise those who walked the Earth before me and those who will walk the Earth after me that I will not stand by and let nature slip through my fingers.


Dear Hannah, Harper and future baby of Ryan and Colleen Lane,

I will not stop fighting for a more sustainable future, your future.


Dear loved ones in the future,

Even if it pains me to imagine how things are back home in Puerto Rico at the moment, I know things will flourish again. The land will heal, but we need to help it.


Dear Tomorrow,

Love, help and build a future in unison that benefits and protects the whole world.

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