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Hi future world,

I am not sure about what is going to happen in 2050, because now is just 2022, but I guess that if the problem of global warming didn’t get fixed, the world will be full of natural disasters, storms, typhoons, earthquakes, dry outs. And the summer gets warmer and warmer, with high temperatures everywhere. I really don’t know how can I show my apologies to you, but I really feel sorry about that.

I knew about this global warming problem when I was in primary school, about seven years ago, and I had tried to not use so much air conditioning and try to save more resources. One of my teachers said to me: I don’t understand what you’re worried about, it’s far from us. I don’t know how many people are still thinking in the same way as my teacher does, but people who think like that, know they also think the same way: it’s too far for us.

Even though I still think that I will try to stop this global warming and climate change the best I can, it’s not only for humans but also for the animals which are living with us, on the same planet.

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