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For my future children,

For my future children,

I write this letter right now in hopes that you can read it in a world better than the one I live in. It is crazy to think that I dream of the moment that I will meet you, but am also afraid for the world that you will be in. There are many problems now in 2022, which impact people in many different aspects. For example, we have hunger, racism, corruption, and pollution, just to name a few.


Brazil experiences a terrible throwback. During the pandemic of COVID-19 we lived moments of despair and pain, many died, and we have had hard times. Unfortunately, despite the worst days have passed, the consequences stay. Brazilians came back to the “hunger map”, the unemployment rate is high and Amazon’s deforestation is desperate. Also, there are people that use the internet to make horrible statements, to disseminate hate and prejudice. It is insane to think that in the 21st century, there are still people thinking like that.


My baby, I hope that you are born in a country with a better president and with true gender and race equality. I hope that by 2050 people have learned to respect the environment and each other. Finally, I hope that you can be happy completely and able to be all of the things that you want. 


I promise that I will do my best to change this world and make it a better place for you.


With love, mommy.

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To my darling ones,

And it’s not that I don’t care. I care deeply. For you three, and the families I hope you will have one day; for the many beautiful places I have had the privilege to know, places which take my breath away, that fill my heart with a bursting joy and connectedness to something so much greater than I, places I know may be quite different when you are my age


To my Dad,

I hope on this Father’s Day, my 24th birthday, and the rest of days, we remember that the most basic part of life is living happy with the ones we love. Acting every day against climate change will allow us to keep that simple piece of humanity.


To My Grandchildren,

It’s my hope that the following will be helpful as you navigate your futures.  These are the confessions of a climate activist:


Dear Elliott,

We’re moving into uncertain times, and your dad and I worry. A lot. But you’re keeping us going. You’re pushing us to make better choices and not give up.


Dear Levon,

I hope, as your father, I’ve done enough to instill within you how science is a wonderful adventure.


Dear Future,

I will use less plastic.


Olá minha querida filha Julia,

Muita Coragem e força para você enfrentar todos os desafios que virão, pois são com eles que crescemos.


Dear future child,

We’re presenting at conferences, writing articles, and organizing events with the goal of mobilizing our profession to act on climate, and to help them understand that it will deeply impact our mission to preserve history for future generations.


Dear Elliot and Alana,

But being truthful, I know we are not yet on the path that will lead to the change that is needed; but it is visible.


Dear Yasmine,

I tried to teach you of the importance of being satisfied with what you had within your hands.


Tratar de assuntos climáticos com responsabilidade no Brasil

Que se multipliquem estes novos heróis da Terra!


Hola Cariño,

Life is not easier being a believer but I would not have picked another path. Thanks to my Faith I found my passion to work to stop climate change for your future. Now go play outside and breathe clean air. Dios te bendiga.

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