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For my future children,

For my future children,

I write this letter right now in hopes that you can read it in a world better than the one I live in. It is crazy to think that I dream of the moment that I will meet you, but am also afraid for the world that you will be in. There are many problems now in 2022, which impact people in many different aspects. For example, we have hunger, racism, corruption, and pollution, just to name a few.


Brazil experiences a terrible throwback. During the pandemic of COVID-19 we lived moments of despair and pain, many died, and we have had hard times. Unfortunately, despite the worst days have passed, the consequences stay. Brazilians came back to the “hunger map”, the unemployment rate is high and Amazon’s deforestation is desperate. Also, there are people that use the internet to make horrible statements, to disseminate hate and prejudice. It is insane to think that in the 21st century, there are still people thinking like that.


My baby, I hope that you are born in a country with a better president and with true gender and race equality. I hope that by 2050 people have learned to respect the environment and each other. Finally, I hope that you can be happy completely and able to be all of the things that you want. 


I promise that I will do my best to change this world and make it a better place for you.


With love, mommy.

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To the Three most Beautiful Souls I could ever Know,

I promise to keep your Love at the forefront of my every move. I will make personal changes and I will learn more, so that I can contribute to a healthier environment in a meaningful way.


Queridos amigos sobrevivientes.

Quiero pensar que ustedes serán la diferencia, que tomaran más actos sobre el asunto y no dejaran que nada los detenga.


Minhas lindas,

As causas das mudanças no clima são tão profundas e envolvem tanta gente e tantos lugares.


Dear friends,

Rather than exploit it, destroy it, poison it, why don’t we just enhance the beauty of it, guard it, and love it?


Dear fellow human,

May my tomorrow include more attention to these details so that you know that I do care.


Dear Future Self,

I hope you got your dream job of using your business degree to reduce co2 emissions and promote sustainable energy.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise my next vehicle will be an EV.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to eat less meat.


Dear child,

The journey of humanity does not take us to Mars like the world now likes to believe. It takes us home to our true self where there is no separate self. Where we are all one. You know all this. Look after yourself my child, look after your brother, your friends, your children, all the animals and the whole planet. Love them like there is no tomorrow.


To My Grandchildren,

It’s my hope that the following will be helpful as you navigate your futures.  These are the confessions of a climate activist:


My darling girls,

I can be brave enough to wake up.



Antes de realizar qualquer ação pense no meio ambiente para que suas atitudes sejam pautadas na sustentabilidade. Assim o seu pensar e agir localmente poderão resvalar na escala global.

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