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Dear you,

As you are packing up in Vermont for your internship in Maryland, I just wanted to remind you of your favorite places here. Moss Glen Falls, Honey Hollow Road, Colchester Pond, North Beach, Oakledge Park, Leddy Beach, and the Waterfront.

You have had so many fun memories in these outdoor places. Recently, you just went to Montreal and went to Mount Royal Park just because you wanted some grassy area. Vermont has definitely made you appreciate nature more. It has also made you aware of the climate crisis that is happening. Currently, I am fearful and do not know what to do. I just talked to Dia and Logan about climate migration and how it might be safer to stay in VT or go to Canada in terms of weather and resources. It is also sad how conversations end up in doom for the state of the world.

Right now with Roe vs Wade being debated and everything else going wrong. But one thing is, at least right now you can do your best. I am doing my best to reduce, reuse, and recycle. I am trying to limit my waste and make sure my vote goes to people that care about helping the state of our world.

As for the future, I hope more people are caring about each other and feel safe. I hope people find ways to eat that fill them with joy. I hope for a lot of things. Anyways, I promise to do my best to leave a safe and stable climate legacy but I can’t do it alone. I will educate myself more on the climate crisis and continue activism. I plan to journal more and try to build the future I want to see today.

I hope you stay well and see you on the flip side.

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To my grandchildren,

Ahora vivo en la ciudad de México y cuando debe de llover no llueve… cuando hace calor de verdad hace calor.


Dear Future Earth,

I promise to promote the growth of clean energy, like solar… For the sake of my grandchildren.


Dear Isaiah,

I am grateful for your soul, for your creativity, for your empathy. All these are precious treasures that you have to offer the world. They will help. I thank you for being in this world right now, so that you can offer these gifts at a time of transition.


To future Geof,

Cool, now that your jetpack is put away in your garage where you keep your flying car; how did the aliens save us from our own destruction? Did they have this hyper advance vacuum that just sucks all the greenhouse gases out of our atmosphere?


My dearest Paloma Bear,

I want the very best for you and for generations to come. There is only one planet earth. Your mommy and I will make a genuine effort to make an impact to protect it for you.


Dear Tomorrow,

I haven’t met you yet, but I already know you deserve a better tomorrow.


Dear Ryan,

I hope that you start doing things that will help the world.


Dear future family and friends,

This is our house.


I pledge to use less plastic.


Dear Tomorrow,

Awareness is key. Learning about this issue can seem like a small effort compared to other actions, but it’s the most important.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise my next vehicle will be an EV.


Dear humankind of today and tomorrow,

I do wish to contribute as much as I can, maybe even start a ripple effect, where other people will start taking action too and inspire other people too.

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