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Neal Patel
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Dear Tomorrow,

I am sorry for how selfish I have been to pursue my own monetary happiness. I wish I could have grown up in a more sustainable region and could truly understand the effects of my actions. I hope that I can change the way I live to help change the way you do as well.

I am sorry if you do not get to see all of the beautiful sights I am able to see today. I hope we can change the way we live so you too can see how beautiful our Earth truly is. I wish we can soon stop all of the wasting and contaminating we are doing right now.

You might not be able to see all of the beautiful animals that are alive today, but hopefully there will be many that still remain. I will try my best to change the way I live and try to change the way everyone lives, so you can have a better life. I want you to see all of the beauties in life in a natural way. I will start using more efficient methods of energy that help our planet and will be more mindful of my actions.

I hope this carries on to you so the world can continue becoming healthier and lasts longer.

Neal Patel

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Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to only use metal straws and reusable cups.


Dear kids of America,

Please eliminate plastic everything


Dear Nafia,

I also hope that your previous prayers have been answered. The way you wanted to create green jobs for your fellow city dwellers have been fulfilled already.


Dear Tomorrow,

My climate action is to educate youth to create solutions for energy efficiency and conservation opportunities.


Dear Ellis,

So, dear heart, I am doing everything I can as the situation worsens.


Dear Elliot and Alana,

But being truthful, I know we are not yet on the path that will lead to the change that is needed; but it is visible.


Hi buddy,

I can now see that the solutions are there, that a transition of the magnitude that is needed, is possible.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to ditch all the natural gas and go all electric with my home!


My dear daughters,

I will use my voice to help bring awareness about climate change.


To the generation after mine,

But when you encounter that resistance–and you will, regularly–know that you must respond just how we have had to these past 50 years. With love, and sternness, and most of all, courage. Because that is what the resistance fears the most. We who came before you promise that we will do the same while we wait for you. Know that you will never be alone.


Dear future self,

I am writing this to keep myself accountable and push myself towards taking action towards a sustainable future. I hope children of the future can still appreciate the wonders that nature and all its beings have to offer, appreciate the beauty in the world around us.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise my next vehicle will be an EV.

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