Unfortunately, our selfishness and excessive greed have closed our eyes to the well-being of the planet, and it has suffered the consequences.

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Andreia Tibolla Spengler
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Dear tomorrow,

I write to you today apologizing for the attitudes of the generations that have inhabited the Earth until now and I worry about you and all future generations. Unfortunately, our selfishness and excessive greed have closed our eyes to the well-being of the planet, and it has suffered the consequences. We don’t take care of him as we should, but I have hope and I believe that we will change this situation. We are trying to make people aware to recycle the garbage from their homes, to plant trees and not deforest conservation forests, car companies are creating less polluting vehicles, and so on. So please be better than us. Don’t let greed outweigh your ethical and moral values. Be wise, whatever you sow you or someone else will reap one day.
I’m trying to do my part today, recycling, donating, and reusing pieces of clothing, not being a consumerist person, but I want to be even better, reducing electricity consumption at home and using fewer combustion cars.

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For my children,

If we haven’t done enough and the world you’re living on is apocalyptic or if you’re living on another planet then I’m deeply sorry and just know that I believe in you and I know that you are both strong and smart enough to handle anything.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise my next vehicle will be an EV.


Dear future me,

I am 19 years old, and I am angry.


Dear Future Me,

I hope that when we look back on these years,  you’ll see that humanity can be good. That we joined together and fixed it because of we don’t, who will?


Dear Future Kids Like Me,

What I hope for future kids like me is that they continue to ride the groundswell of climate change support all the way into action.


To my children,

I am working with 350.org on shutting down the coal and unconventional gas industries in our country because I cannot think of a more direct way to protect you, the food, water and biodiversity we all love and rely on.


To my wide-eyed warrioresses,

Since my two daughters emerged into this world, all of my tomorrows have become more dear.



Espero de verdade saber contribuir para legá-la inteira para você, e que todos saibamos fazer isso em conjunto também.


To the future,

Today, I will hope and envision the future I wish to achieve. Then tomorrow, I will have tough conversations, I will call my local representatives, I will continue to fight for this world.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to change the culture of my school.



Make the most of every day because remember yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.


Para minha querida filha, Vitória,

Consegue compreender que estamos aqui de passagem e que temos por obrigação apenas tomar emprestado, evitado excessos e principalmente agradecer.

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