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Dear Sammy,

As a 20 year old college student I am learning so much about importance of sustainability and outcomes of climate change. By this time you will be 34 years old. It is scary to learn about these things regularly because the future holds so many unknowns. There are some things that we do know about the future. The climate will continue to rise no matter what we do so we need to find a way to slow down this process and give back to the planet. The Earth has provided us with all the resources we need to thrive on this planet. We have taken advantage of the abundance of resources that the Earth has provided us with. We then distributed these resources unevenly throughout the planet to make a profit rather than providing the public with equal access to resources that are necessary to live. Because people have and still take advantage of the resources that we are provided on this planet, we must now take action to try and slow the climate change and mass extinction processes. I promise that from now on I will take shorter showers, walk when possible, take public transportation as much as possible, stop irrigating my lawn, eat less meat, and do everything I can to reduce the amount of waste I am producing. I am sorry for what you might be dealing with in 2050. Hopefully by that point things have changed and there are more sustainability guidelines people and companies must follow. Although there are changes being made right now, it must happen faster. l promise to do everything I can to advocate for change and recognition for climate issues.

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Dear Before The Flood team,

We can all be aware and sensitized to the problem, so that we are ready to embrace the solutions that will come our way. In doing so, we can all be part of the solution.


To My Children,

Is the world really polluted?


Queridas filhas Ana Luísa e Ana Carla,

Que vocês possam contar para seus filhos e netos que minha geração tomou consciência de sua responsabilidade e assumiu sua condição de natureza e a ela se reintegrou, com inteligência, interação respeitosa e solidariedade.


I will recycle stuff I found.


To my precious children,

As you’ve grown older, I’ve become increasingly aware that protecting you means more than ensuring your short-term safety. It also means ensuring that you’ll have a safe planet to live on.


Dear Future,

“I knew you would want to know how the future turned out. You got so anxious about climate change as we grew older.  By coming back, I thought I could help you with that.”


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to contact my local officials on passing measures against climate change


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise my next vehicle will be an EV.


Dear Tomorrow,

And, if this summer has taught me anything, I am content (because I have to be) living in this limbo, this seemingly endless waiting for the opportunity to change, when really the opportunity exists within our very selves all along.


Dear Potential Future Kiddo,

To think that my choices of sustainable commuting, eating a plant based diet, and working on our City’s zero waste program likely pale in comparison to the impact of not having a baby is nothing short of devastating.  Does it make me a bad environmentalist to honor my maternal instincts?


Dear Tomorrow,

My climate promise is to reduce electricity at home. I will turn off the TV and lights when I’m not in the room.


To my precious grandchildren, Emma, Maya, Maddie and Will,

With love and a great hope for the future, a future that will be healthy and sustainable for you, my precious grandchildren.

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