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Jeff Galle
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Dear Resident of 14 Back Road in Dover, NH

It’s Earth Day 2021 and I can’t help but feel a need to do what I can to make this property at 14 Back Road in Dover, NH a more sustainable place. Two years ago I removed some overgrown shrubs in front of the house. Last year I removed a tree that was dead and leaning towards the driveway. This past winter a snowstorm took out a 30-ft pine in the front yard. The landscaping around the house is literally a blank slate.

Last year I hired a local landscape designer, Norm from Francassa Designworks, to review the property and put together a landscape design. After he completed his design, I made a few changes. This year I am starting to dig, cultivate and plant against that plan.

Twenty-nine years from now I hope you are looking at the property and seeing the mature results of this effort. These plants, shrubs and trees will all help to pull CO2 from the air. I doubt the original drip irrigation system is in place, but I intended to use that as a way to reduce water consumption for watering these plants which is 90% more efficient than sprinkler systems as I understand it.

In 2050, I will hopefully still be around at 61 years of age and would love to see how the property looks!

Best Regards,
Jeff Galle

14 Back Road
Dover, NH 03820

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