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Dear Planet Earth and all your fascinating denizens –

COP26 has just concluded with only moderate successes in a time that urgently requires more than that. So what can I do, as one speck on the planet? 1. Continue to vote, and advocate for climate change solutions at all levels of government. 2. Be an active participant in the local work parties that are improving the health of the forests (bye-bye, invasive ivy!) 3. Plant more native flora in my own garden (hello, pollinators!) 4. Put more effort into transitioning from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet. 5. Invite neighbors to carpool with me when I head to the grocery store. 6. Walk instead of drive to accomplish more of my nearby errands. 7. As the appliances in my home age out, switch from natural gas to electric options. 8. And take the Talk Climate to Me course for women so I can bring up climate change with my friends without sounding like a sanctimonious crank.

I love you, Planet Earth, truly and deeply!

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