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Dear People of Tomorrow,

August 21,2022

The world in which we live now is under stress with extreme weather events such
as droughts, floods, fires, and lack of water etc. It is a beautiful world, but it’s well-
being is threatened by the climate crisis, of which we all are a part of. Societal
thinking seems to be unable to act and prevent a disaster until a crisis is declared.
We are in the abyss of such a crisis, but though there are thousands who are
trying to do their part in creating positive change, today their voices are not
heeded worldwide.
We have enjoyed a world of beauty, plenty, and minimal environmental disaster,
but mourn, to contemplate the world into which you may have grown. You are
the inheritors of much, and also have the ability to make changes to survive the
physical destruction, which may have come to you by now.
It is by understanding your fellow humans, by working with them to create
positive change and beginning to create a fellowship of caring individuals, that the
future of this earth may be a good one. The creation of true friendship,
compassion and mutual goal setting is the cornerstone of fashioning a green
world. It is only by becoming caring people TOGETHER can a peaceful and green
world emerge.

Barbara Welsh

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