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Dear Next Generations,

It’s widely said, ever since my parents and grandparents’ time, that children are the future.

You may be angry at us. For good reasons or not.

Listen, youth probably did not solve your problems. It never in history had, in fact.

It doesn’t matter if you have the eagerness to change. Even if you’re mature to deal with power, human nature turns out to be an issue itself.

No human alone can solve the world’s problems. There’s no guarantee, even, that we united may.

I have lived for 21 years and, though it’s yet few, I learned a thing or two about life.

Though egotism is bad, if goodwill was enough to improve the world, we would face no problems that we do now.

Are the generations being corrupted? Is that why the young of yesterday became the big bad guys that run governments and companies? I disagree.

Don’t criticize your elders for the problems of your day. The world is far from simple. Humans are limited and weak. Be them your leaders or the poor.

However flawed they are, most politicians and CEOs try to do their best, even though the media disagrees.

Follow good human being examples. Why admire a celebrity who has talent but lacks the virtues of heart?

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Dear World,

The environment is important – take care of your actions to not destroy it starting from now.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will use less fossil fuels.


Dear Makena,

Sweetie, you deserve clean air, water and soil. You deserve to thrive in an environment that supports you.


To my daughter and son,

Surrounded by scientists who shared my fears and visions, I often had a hard time to accept that outside our small community climate change received marginal attention.


Dear Ya’Ash,

There are many paths to Truth, but regardless of your faith or ideology, one truth is above all else: Life must continue.


Dear Tomorrow,

I will work to restore the wetlands.


To the wonderful children of our family – Elayna, Julianna, and James –

There is no issue more important to your future and your friends’ future than stemming climate change.


To my daughter and her children,

As a minister, I have preached that we are here to be of service to others and to be care takers of this wonderful planet that God has given us.


Dear Bella,

I promise that I shall continue to do all that is within my capabilities to leave you a world where there is fairness and justice.


Aos meus sobrinhos queridos, Ana Laura, Luis Carlos e Helloísa,

Talvez eu não esteja viva para ver alguma mudança, mas espero que vocês vejam e tenham um mundo melhor em 2050. Plantei um ipê rosa e outro amarelo, que eles estejam florindo até 2050.


Dear Josh, LeeAnn, & Jessica,

I am very proud to know that You will treat Our Earth, Our Natural Gift, Our Playful Backyard with the same Awesome Respect that We give to each other, as a Family – Knowing that Our Earth, is Your Child Now.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to ditch all the natural gas and go all electric with my home!

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