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Dear Mom,

Right now, the earth is going to hell in a handbasket. Our planet is begging us to make a change because time is running out. I have always known in the back of my mind that there is climate issue was an impending doom on our future. However, I never realized how pivotal my role is changing the climate issue is. I, as an individual, can contribute to helping my children, and your grandchildren have a healthier planet. By taking steps to be more eco-friendly every day I am making a change.

I have been really trying to turn lights and appliances off whenever I am not directly using them. I know there are many actions I can do personally to contribute but I also want to focus my attention on educating those on the climate issue and how it affects every inhabitant on earth. I want to use my voice and education to join forces with others to make change. I have learned a lot over the semester about how much of an impact we have made on our climate. The evidence is overwhelming and evident. However, I am hopeful. I am hopeful for change and hopeful for a brighter future. I am hopeful for a unified force in tackling this issue head on and being the generation that really makes a change.

I know you drove yourself crazy trying to figure out the cause of your cancer. We know it wasn’t genetic and it is scary to think that it had something to do with our environment and community, but it is possible. So many people in our town have been diagnosed with cancer in the past five years, too many actually. I want to make a change to make sure that is not a trend in the future.

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