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Dear Mikey,

Visualizing what my community is going to look like in 20 years isn’t something I think anyone is looking forward to. I fear that severe storms will be more common than they are now and the planet is just going to keep getting warmer. In my visualization, I am hoping that we are near 0 net carbon emissions and most people are using some form of electric cars. The burning of fossil fuels is something that needs to go and needs to go fast. If we can eliminate fossil fuels I believe our planet will be able to heal at a rate not even ourselves can explain. I think one of our biggest issues today we have as a society is facing the reality that climate change is real and it is happening fast. Tons of people try to brush it off and act like it’s not their problem but that isn’t the point. Do you want your children to live in a world where they don’t have the same access to essential needs as you did because you are too careless to think of others. Just within the last couple months a water bridge connecting important parts of my town collapsed due to severe weather. Never in my families life has there been an accident like this and it’s all because of climate change. Yet again another example of how climate change is costing us tons of money to repair things that are just going to need to be repaired again. If we can tackle the root of the problem here which is climate change then we won’t have to worry about everything else. Over time the planet will heal and allow us to live amongst it calmly as we have for thousands of years. We won’t be the last generation to grace this Earth so we should do our best to make sure future generations have the same advantages as us.

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Querida Emanoely,

Gostaria que você se lembrasse das lições simples que mamãe e papai te ensinou, como cuidar das plantas e dos espaços coletivos.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to ditch all the natural gas and go all electric with my home!


Dear Future,

I hope that things have cooled down. I hope that people and governments have come together to save our earth. I hope that everyone is able to breath clean air, drink clean water and see the beauty in nature that I do. I promise to do my best to take part in repairing the damage we’ve done so that my hopes may come true.


I love you Earth.


Dear tomorrow,

If there’s one thing young people have learned while quarantining, it’s that Gen Z holds so much power and is capable of a lot more than we think. We’ve created a community that has united us all and started to bring about change for the good of our futures. Now, with the help of Gen Z (and of course, people of all ages), we have the power to save our home, the Earth.


Dear Gabriel,

When the worst consequences of climate change still feel far away today, or the barriers to acting on climate change seem steep today, I do not think about today. I think about you, and your world when you are my age.


Hello spawn,

I am small now littles and I may be small forever but in my small ways I will fight for you.


To the future generations,

I hope that you all can enjoy the Smokey Mountains in your lifetime too and that they look how they did back in 2017 when I saw them.


Dear Beloved Children,

As time progresses, there is hope that value will be placed on all living organisms, including humans, plants, and animals. Life will move at a slower pace, and being on your own time and moving at your individual pace will be the typical way of life. I consider this way of life good living, and I hope that future generations will live on this earth as it was once intended to live in peace and harmony.


Dear future generations,

Young people are making a lot of noise and politicians are now listening.


Pick up your trash wherever you go!


Dear Donatella,

We ran through the woods laughing, crying, and living.

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