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Dear me in 2050,

Dear William,

This letter is addressed to me. By this time, it is 2050 and I’m sure the world has changed exponentially. Today it is December 7th, 2021. Over the past 10 years climate activism has reached an all-time high. This has given me optimism on our future. I remember when I was 7 and there was a select few speaking about the climate and the issues facing humanity. Today, with the help of social media and proper advocacy real change is being made. Unfortunately, there is still much that needs to be done. That is why I am making these promises to myself today. I promise to carpool every opportunity I can from this point on, I promise to make active steps to reduce my water consumption every day. Whether it be not leaving a running faucet or taking shorter showers. I promise to rely less on meat and other foods that use thousands of gallons of water to produce. I promise to continue the compost in my backyard, I promise to buy a fuel efficient or electric car, I promise to implement solar panels on my property when I own one, and finally I promise to stay educated on the environmental problems surrounding our world as well as spreading awareness to those around me. I hope with the emergence of new technology we have found proper solutions to environmental issues around the world. I hope you have kept these promises and have lived a good life.

William Farrell

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Dear future me,

I’m doing this work because I see it as the best way to save and improve as many lives as possible. I’m doing it so you, 2050 Ryan, can look at yourself in the mirror. And so you can tell your kids and grandkids someday that you did everything you could.


Dear Tomorrow,

Be the person who shows up. Be the person who continues to advocate for change because change is possible – it is possible in the most partisan of politics.


Dear Grown up Alton and Dot,

The most important thing in my life is you, which means that as your mom – I am doing my very best to make sure that when you read this letter, Earth is a cleaner and safer place for you and your children.


To my Maria and her children,

I have to tell you something: it is so hard to keep our life “green” for now, but we still keep trying.


To what we’ve overcome.

The first step would be in overcoming ourselves. Because whether we end up fading into obscurity, or thriving in prosperity, we will overcome ourselves.


Dear friend,

I will fight for this cause and I will never ever give up because we, the youngsters, are the hope.


Dear Brady,

I will work everyday to combat climate change for your today, for your tomorrow!


Dear people of The Future,

Thank you for reading. Do your part to save the globe.


I love you Earth.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to use my reusable water bottle more often


To my future children,

I am doing everything I can because I want the footprint that I leave behind to be my feet in the sand on a beach and not a carbon one.


Dear Tomorrow,

We want to let others know about how to fight climate crisis.

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