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Dear J and A,

Dear Jayden and baby girl,

I know, like everyone in our family knows, that you will have barriers ahead of you, and that they will be enormous. There are so many things about your circumstances that I cannot touch—because it is not my place. And I hate to say that because it seems like such an excuse, but the nature of the nuclear family is that the parents reserve all the input, and no matter how much the fringe family loves you and cares about you, we are not welcomed into conversations about how to raise you. And your parents love you, so there’s that.

I can’t promise that I will pay for adventures and education. I can’t promise that I will travel to Idaho to spend time reading to you or teaching you constellations. But I can promise that I will do my best to fight for your future. I will vote in all elections, and I will make climate change the priority in the candidates who receive my vote. I will continue to write about it in the ways that I can, to use my work to help bring the issue to the forefront of minds.

I also promise that I will talk to your mother. No matter what she does or says, I will never fully cut ties with her, and I will never stop believing that she can make a bright future for herself. I will never stop talking about complex issues with her, and I will never pronounce a destiny on her head. When everyone has given up on her, I will not. And I will not give up on her because I will not give up on you because I will not give up on the planet because I will always believe in change—in massive positive change. That positive change is on the horizon, and although I can’t promise I will be there beside you, buying you clothes and holding your hand, I throw my weight to tip the scales in favor of a better life.

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To all the children of the future and those who love them,

While there is still breath in this body I will give of my soul and my time and energy to making the world a better place, for you, and all the beautiful living beings of this world.


Dear Son,

I hope with effective action to combat this climate change will we have a better world in the future.


For my most dear and only daughter,

And I know life more fully because of you whom I live on through. 


Dear Abigail and Olivia,

What stories will you tell them about our generation? Will we be heroes or villains?


Dear Gabriel,

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – The Lorax


Dear Thomas,

When you look at me with those big beautiful eyes and that innocent smile, you make me want to fight harder. And I do.


Dear Ellis,

So, dear heart, I am doing everything I can as the situation worsens.


To my Beloved Future Children,

Be fearless – do not be afraid to talk to each other and do not be afraid to fail.


Dear Future Me,

I promise that I will change my behavior to benefit our trees.


Dear Emile and Eloise,

The beauty and majesty of the world of your childhood is as remarkable as the beauty and majesty of mine, but the fragility of your childhood world is so much greater.


Dear Finley,

I wonder if in 2050 we will be looking at a future where fear from the changes at hand has caused people to hate rather than love and provide hope. Perhaps in that world we will we no longer comprehend the biblical texts in a meaningful way. Will climate change be the end of the epoch of God?


Isabelle minha querida neta!

Nossa vida só tem qualidade se tem natureza ao nosso redor.

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