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Dear future self and family,

It is currently 2021, and we are in the midst of a global pandemic along with climate change. Over this past year in school, I have learned a lot about my impact on the environment, and how the world is responding to unprecedented changes. I hope the issues of our current world have not led you to failure. At this moment in time, climate change keeps getting worse and worse. Both people and animals are dying due to the injustices associated with the environment. As a result, it is impossible to know what tomorrow may bring. Although change seems to be noticeably small, it is accumulating faster than we can physically handle. You deserve to live in an environment that has clean air, a thriving food supply, and a life full of Earth’s natural beauty. With that being said, I promise to replenish more resources than what I take from the environment. I promise to be more sustainable by means of not using plastic, by walking instead of driving to reduce emissions, and by saving water. I also promise to let my voice be heard so that your health and wellness can be prioritized. I hope that all the compromises we are making now allows you to live a life without worry, and that the world is what it is meant to be—peaceful and loving.

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Dear Ari and Levi,

Luckily, we have figured out ways to build things without making the air dirty, and we are trying very hard to get more people to switch over to this new way as fast as we can.


Dear Me,

Today, I promise to keep my spaces clean and my environment cleaner.


Dear Future,

I hope that things have cooled down. I hope that people and governments have come together to save our earth. I hope that everyone is able to breath clean air, drink clean water and see the beauty in nature that I do. I promise to do my best to take part in repairing the damage we’ve done so that my hopes may come true.


Dear Tomorrow

I will become the change I wish to see in the world.


Dear Tomorrow

Stay Cool and Save the Whales


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to shop at more farmer’s markets.


Dear Future Self,

I am scared of the things happening right now with our planet.


I promise to help people! Become more aware!


To my great-great grandchildren,

I don’t know your name
or even if you’re alive,
but I’m doing all I can
to make sure you survive.

I’m your great- great grandmother
who lived a century ago
in a world far different
from the one you must know.


Querido amanhã,

Sempre é bom ajudar a natureza.


Dear Donatella,

We ran through the woods laughing, crying, and living.


Dear future me,

I’m doing this work because I see it as the best way to save and improve as many lives as possible. I’m doing it so you, 2050 Ryan, can look at yourself in the mirror. And so you can tell your kids and grandkids someday that you did everything you could.

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