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Dear future self,

I know the state of our climate has looked pretty grim for a while now and that in 2050 you’ll only just be feeling the impacts of the emissions put into the atmosphere the year you were born. Nevertheless, you deserve a future filled with joy and hope for the years to come.

This, and our means of mitigating the impacts of the climate changing on our lives will need to come from our communities and our workplaces organizing to shift power away from those who would rather line their pockets than protect the integrity of our planet’s ecosystems and the richness of their biodiversity.

I promise to do what I can, for your sake and for the sake of your loved ones to do what I can to build a more loving society built around equitable, democratic ownership of the means of production and distribution.

I’m so proud of how far you’ve come and how far you have yet to go in continuing my work and the work of the communities whose shoulders we stand upon. No matter how bad conditions get, only together can we realize a beautiful vision for the future honoring our local and regional ecologies and our relationship with all things within them. Carry on and remember that I always love you.

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Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will use less fossil fuels.


Isabelle minha querida neta!

Nossa vida só tem qualidade se tem natureza ao nosso redor.


To My Future Self,

This lead me to my final project, which focused on reforming the education system to incorporate sustainability classes into the current curriculum.


Dear Tomorrow

Stay Cool and Save the Whales


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to stop using a plastic straw.


To My Future Children,

Most importantly, I hope you live in a world where science is taken seriously and fact is clearly distinguished from fiction.


Dear Child,

Hope we get to have that snowball fight I always dreamed we’d have.


Dear Tara,

Each of us only has so much power and the problem is HUGE, but I worked at this every day.


Dear Kids,

I know it’s long past time to wake up. You deserve a future in which drought, famine, and war are not all your children ever know; the choices my generation makes now will determine your future.


To my future Niece,

While I will work my hardest to create any positive change I can, you must continue this quest. You cannot give up hope, and you must always remember that the beauty on this Earth is worth saving.


To my children – Chase, Maya and Harlan

I hope that we manage to change the system really soon, while there is still time. So that you are not left with the mess, and trying to fix something that you didn’t cause. I hope we figured out a way to be kind, and caring for others who will suffer more than us. A way to let go of the greed and look at ways we can help others rather than take from them.


The gift for next generation,

To save the big world, perhaps, we should change the mind from myself to my small family to my community.

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