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Dear future self…

You have just learned a lot about climate change, and at first, thoughts of the future seem bleak. However, there is power in positivity and seeking a better future for ourselves and future generations. I promise to change my own actions by continuing to learn about the climate crisis and to reduce my energy consumption. I will make the small changes, like eating less meat and being aware of my actions/impacts on the planet. I also promise to fight for social/governmental change. If we can change people’s minds and put policies into place there is hope at a better future. I also plan to educate the people around me and share my knowledge of how we as individuals can help the planet and each other for a better future. The possibility of a better future is out there we just have to take action and commit no matter how impossible it may seem.

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Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to only use metal straws and reusable cups.


Dear my future child,

I promise you, I am going to do everything I can to save this planet for you. I won’t let you down, I swear.


My dear Honeys,

I think every parent believes that their child’s future is worth protecting – because I know the power of this force in me and what I am willing to do.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will only use renewable energy.


Dear future me,

My hopes have always been to live in a brighter and better generation, where women are respected around the world, human rights are respected and last but not least where animals and mother nature is cared for by us individuals.


Dear Tomorrow,

I am so sorry we didn’t realize this predicament sooner.


To the Three most Beautiful Souls I could ever Know,

I promise to keep your Love at the forefront of my every move. I will make personal changes and I will learn more, so that I can contribute to a healthier environment in a meaningful way.


Dear Eleanor,

You are so small. So innocent. So beautiful. For you and for everyone else, I will try harder.


Dear Future,

I asked you, the future , to help us as well, to preserve our only planet that can give us life, that can let us watch anime, go to the beach, smell flowers, run through the meadow, listen to our songs, be in a concert, and let us live.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will encourage everyone to get OUT of their cars and onto public transit.


Dear Future Earth,

I promise to promote the growth of clean energy, like solar… For the sake of my grandchildren.


I promise to help people! Become more aware!

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