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Dear future self…

You have just learned a lot about climate change, and at first, thoughts of the future seem bleak. However, there is power in positivity and seeking a better future for ourselves and future generations. I promise to change my own actions by continuing to learn about the climate crisis and to reduce my energy consumption. I will make the small changes, like eating less meat and being aware of my actions/impacts on the planet. I also promise to fight for social/governmental change. If we can change people’s minds and put policies into place there is hope at a better future. I also plan to educate the people around me and share my knowledge of how we as individuals can help the planet and each other for a better future. The possibility of a better future is out there we just have to take action and commit no matter how impossible it may seem.

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Hey Kiddos!

My hope for you is that all our legislative efforts and care for the environment makes a difference so that we can wipe asthma out of our family.


Rachel and Noelle,

I hope in a small way this helps your world.


To My Grandchildren,

It’s my hope that the following will be helpful as you navigate your futures.  These are the confessions of a climate activist:


Olá minha querida filha Julia,

Muita Coragem e força para você enfrentar todos os desafios que virão, pois são com eles que crescemos.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to work with my family and neighbors to reduce carbon output.


To the future generations,

I hope that you all can enjoy the Smokey Mountains in your lifetime too and that they look how they did back in 2017 when I saw them.


My darling Cassidy,

I know I need to write this to you, and I don’t want to because it makes me so sad. I have been desperately avoiding my feelings about climate change, for many years, but especially and with greater intensity every year since you were born.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to educate myself and others about how we can protect and nourish our 1 PLANET


Dear Future Family,

As I’m sitting here trying to think of the best words to say to you all, I am thinking of one major thing: that I can only hope that you all get to experience the incredible beauty created by our planet.


My Mini & Lou,

Since I first sat down with these words, a pandemic has erupted. Racial violence is reaching a fever pitch and protests are raging across the nation. It feels like the planet is succumbing to entropy, slipping further into chaos. But I write to you from a time of shifting tides.


I love you Earth.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to ask five of my friends to plant trees.

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