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Dear Future-Self,

I don’t know where life has brought you, but if I had to guess, you’re probably balancing the responsibilities of working with the duties that come with caring for a family. But, whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re also caring for the environment because this is the world your children will grow up in. If you want them to live in a world where the air is safe, water is clean, and food is nutritious, act now because being passive is not going to make a difference.

Some ways you can make a difference is by modifying your home to be eco-friendly. This could include using rain barrels and the installation of low-flow faucets for showers and sinks. Another solution is to install grey-water systems to recycle used water for your lawn and any gardens you may have.

Also, changing your lifestyle habits can also make a difference. For example, by reducing the amount of meat you consume and replacing it with plant-based foods you could significantly reduce the emissions the result from animal farming. Reducing emissions is very important for the environment to begin healing, so also limiting your amount of driving will reduce your carbon footprint. Some of the destination alternative methods of transportation include walking and biking if the destination is close by and carpooling if vehicular transportation is necessary.

Lastly, SHARE THIS MESSAGE! The first step to bettering the environment is by first making changes in your own life, but then you must also inform others about their impact on the only earth there is. Prince Ea made a convincing and powerful point that Earth is a miracle as it is the only planet that equipped to sustain life, but we are destroying it. My final message is to value what we have and to take care of it, because we only have one earth and one chance to make a change. With this letter, I promise to do my part towards improving the environment for current and future generations, plants, and animals worldwide.

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