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Dear future me,

Right now, the earth isn’t doing so hot. Or actually, it is too hot. See what I did there? This summer, the summer of 2021, you experienced your first California forest fire. You were in New Jersey. The smoke had traveled into the air and created a haze that held the sun so that it was somehow both gloomy and bright out. It created such an intense sunrise you took a picture on the way to work. You thought it was really cool, until you found out what it was from.

People do not care about things that do not make them money. Well, that is a lie, but it seems as though those running big businesses do not. Oil and fossil fuels are ruining the Earth. However, there are people who see the wrong and are trying to counter act it. There was someone named Doug that came to your school in the fall of 2021 to discuss the importance of rebuilding a better planet by planting native plants and restoring biodiversity. It gave you a lot of hope.

You know much more about taking care of the environment. Please use that information.



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I promise to plant more flowers.


Dear… Parents,

Let us teach our children to volunteer and donate.


Querida Emanoely,

Gostaria que você se lembrasse das lições simples que mamãe e papai te ensinou, como cuidar das plantas e dos espaços coletivos.


Dear Ari and Levi,

Luckily, we have figured out ways to build things without making the air dirty, and we are trying very hard to get more people to switch over to this new way as fast as we can.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to stop eating beef.


Dear Tristan,

I am doing this to protect you, the food, water, air and biodiversity of a country that I love.


Dear Evan,

What has most inspired me to act is wanting to be able to look you in the eye and say, “When I became aware of the existential threat of climate change, I did all I could.”  Despite my pessimism, I act in the hope it can make a difference for future generations and all the precious life on our fragile planet.


Dear future child,

We’re presenting at conferences, writing articles, and organizing events with the goal of mobilizing our profession to act on climate, and to help them understand that it will deeply impact our mission to preserve history for future generations.


Dear Indigenous Persons with Disabilities,

Dear Indigenous Persons with Disabilities,


Dear World,

I vow that I will try to make a difference every day, so that you may enjoy the world as I have.


Dear loved ones in the future,

Even if it pains me to imagine how things are back home in Puerto Rico at the moment, I know things will flourish again. The land will heal, but we need to help it.


A love letter to my son

I hope this year is a real turning point and by the time you’re a teenager, your life is powered almost entirely by clean energy like solar and wind.

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