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Dear future generations,

Hello future generation!

I hope that you all have not suffered from my generation’s as well as earlier generation’s anthropocentric ways. I hope that life is being lived similarly as to how it is in 2021, but with a few exceptions. I hope we have convinced everyone that climate change is in fact real and how important our amazing planet is for the well-being of humanity as well as all of the other beautiful ecosystems. I hope people have taken the time to learn more and connect with our loving planet. Additionally, I hope people have taken the initiative to combat climate change and have found more sustainable ways to live, such as switching more farms to regenerative agriculture and using renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. I hope you have been able to see whales, and other currently endangered animals. I hope your weather has been cool and calm and that you have not experienced as many intense natural disasters. I hope you are able to travel to amazing cities, such as Florence and NYC, as those are some of my favorite places. I hope people of lower socio-economic backgrounds are not forced to live in areas that threaten their health and that they have access to important resources, such as healthy and less processed foods.

After taking my environmental chemistry class, I realize how much I take for granted and that if I continue in the way I do, you all might not be able to experience the same things that I have. I urge you to continue to be an environmental activist and transforms your lives to benefit the planet. I have recently changed my current practices after learning about how they can hurt the place that gives me life. I hope you all continue to value the planet and that you will preserve it for future generations to come.

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My future husband,

I want us to read this in future time and remember all the senses and views we witnessed.


To my children – Chase, Maya and Harlan

I hope that we manage to change the system really soon, while there is still time. So that you are not left with the mess, and trying to fix something that you didn’t cause. I hope we figured out a way to be kind, and caring for others who will suffer more than us. A way to let go of the greed and look at ways we can help others rather than take from them.


Dear Elliot and Alana,

But being truthful, I know we are not yet on the path that will lead to the change that is needed; but it is visible.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to ride more and drive less.


Dear Nova and Remi,

I wish for you both that another kind of life has been discovered, one of peace, moderation and concern for all life.



Saiba que enquanto eu tiver vida, minha voz não calará para alertar o mal que estamos fazendo agora para as nossas gerações futuras…


Dear kids of America,

Please eliminate plastic everything


Querido amanhã,

Eu quero esse mundo melhor para você, onde o povo tem voz, seja lá quem você seja, eu vou fazer se tudo para proporcionar um mundo melhor para você.


I pledge to use less plastic.


Dear Potential Future Kiddo,

To think that my choices of sustainable commuting, eating a plant based diet, and working on our City’s zero waste program likely pale in comparison to the impact of not having a baby is nothing short of devastating.  Does it make me a bad environmentalist to honor my maternal instincts?


Dear Nolan, Patrick, Cullen and Gabriel,

This Mother’s Day I am again thinking of my grandsons future and what I am doing to change the world if only by a small fraction.


To My Future Child(ren),

The fact that you are reading this means that you would know the answer to a question that has kept me up at night more often than I would like to admit: Did I make you proud?

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