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Dear Future Generations,

I hope the world you live in is not plagued with rising temperatures, wildfires, acidic oceans, pollution, increased flooding, and extreme storms. I hope that, unlike our generation, you do not have to fight for your right to live on a clean, safe planet. Not only do you deserve it, but so does our planet. It has been mistreated for hundreds of years, and it is about time that there is a change.

I promise that our generation will take care of this for you. Your generation will not have to carry on our fight to end climate change and environmental injustices. Your world will be liveable, equitable, and safe.

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Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to buy organic food and run more and bike more! (I could use the exercise.)


Dear Madeleine,

First of all I hope we succeeded in our dream that yours is a better world than the world of 2021. Today, the forests are burning, the sea levels are rising and wild weather is everywhere. But we are working hard and I’m confident we will succeed.


Dear Rowan & Tristan,

I promise to do everything I can as a daughter to our great Mother Earth to protect her wildlife and trees.


I pledge to take the bus.


Dear Future Today,

Here in California we’re starting to recognize our climate changing the natural world around us.


Dear AC,

I think a lot about where the right place to live is.


Dear Devon and Chloe

I hope that my work helping to make your schools more sustainable will be something you carry on as you grow older.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to use a water bottle.


Queridas crianças do mundo inteiro,

Pedimos que vocês procurem fazer como nós e continuem essa luta de colaborar com nosso planeta: evitando o consumo exagerado, usando a tecnologia para o bem, plantando árvores, economizando água e poluindo menos.


Dear Future

My hope is for all who live in your time to still know the joy of swimming in the ocean, walking through the woods, and hiking in the mountains.


Dear Chay and Kate,

Don’t ever let anyone tell you your actions don’t matter. Every single thing you do matters. You matter.


Dear World,

The environment is important – take care of your actions to not destroy it starting from now.

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