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Dear Future Generations,

I hope the world you live in is not plagued with rising temperatures, wildfires, acidic oceans, pollution, increased flooding, and extreme storms. I hope that, unlike our generation, you do not have to fight for your right to live on a clean, safe planet. Not only do you deserve it, but so does our planet. It has been mistreated for hundreds of years, and it is about time that there is a change.

I promise that our generation will take care of this for you. Your generation will not have to carry on our fight to end climate change and environmental injustices. Your world will be liveable, equitable, and safe.

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Dear Kids,

My mistake was thinking I needed to give you more to be a good Mom. Recently your aunt asked me what my favorite toy was growing up. I gulped, I didn’t have one- it was the outdoors, sliding down a ravine of leaves with my Dad, skiing and camping. Today is October 12th, 2021 and I am still going to be giving you a lot, it’s going to look a little different – love, experiences, education and a healthy planet.


Dear grand nieces and nephews,

I wish you this security knowing we changed because we love you.


To my dearest Gabriel,

What gives me hope is what is yet to come, what you will experience in your lifetime.


To my sons,

I’m voting with climate change as a top priority. I’ve tried to teach you boys that we need to clean up after ourselves and take care of the earth. I promise to continue doing these actions and more, for your sake.


dear tomorrow,

I hope that the state of the environment becomes a part of everyday discourse.


Dear Future Me,

I promise that I will change my behavior to benefit our trees.


Annalu minha filha amada,

Espero de coração que, no futuro, você possa olhar para trás e se orgulhar muito dos pais que teve.


dear future people (:

I hope that people are still enjoying the wonders that nature has to offer.


to my dearest children,

Our future is being made now, and I promise to do everything in my power to make yours safe.


Dear Future Self,

I am scared of the things happening right now with our planet.


Dear Tomorrow-My letter to the future 2030

I am most sorry we could not work through our differences, and see through the greed, get organized, and do more so that you could have a better life in your 2030 future.


Dear Jackson,

I feel deeply that it is my moral obligation as your Mom to protect your future and allow you to inherit a clean and healthy planet.

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