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Dear future generations,

I hope you get to see the oceans and all of creatures that call them home. I hope you get to feel the rough bark of a tree while climbing on a sunny day. I hope you get to smell fresh rain during the summer, while you run outside to play in the puddles. I hope you get to hear the chirping of baby birds, when their mom comes home to feed them. I hope you get to taste the cold prick of a snowflake on your tongue while making snowmen. I hope you get to smell flowers in your backyard, not a museum. And most of all I hope that we can work together to make all of this available to you for a long, long time.

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Queridas filhas Ana Luísa e Ana Carla,

Que vocês possam contar para seus filhos e netos que minha geração tomou consciência de sua responsabilidade e assumiu sua condição de natureza e a ela se reintegrou, com inteligência, interação respeitosa e solidariedade.


To earth & its inhabitants,

Its been heavy on my shoulders since I found out about the state of climate woes as a child.


To my Maria and her children,

I have to tell you something: it is so hard to keep our life “green” for now, but we still keep trying.


Dear Owen and Vivian,

Here’s the biggest secret: I KNOW it will have. We may not realize how, but we have changed the world.


We will look back on our time here and ask, “What did I do?”

If we truly live our present moment, maybe you’ll have a future.


Dear Nephew,

I believe i have truly played my part in raising awareness and practical solutions to climate change.


My dear daughters,

I will use my voice to help bring awareness about climate change.


My Dear Grandchildren,

In writing this letter to you, I am searching for ways to make my connection and commitment to you more present in my current experience


For a child I am yet to know,

We are fighting for a shared cause, inspired by our strong and unwavering dedication to preserve the beauty and wonder of our natural world for our children, our grandchildren and their children, and for countless generations to come.


Chers Enfants,

Chers Enfants,



Espero de verdade saber contribuir para legá-la inteira para você, e que todos saibamos fazer isso em conjunto também.


Dear Erica and Matthew,

I want you to be able to bring your kids to Tahoe and experience the same clarity that you had as a child.

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