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Dear Future Family,

I am writing to you on December 6th, 2021. I hope you are having a happy and healthy 2050. I hope the air is clear and the sky a bright blue. I hope the world feels full of life and is biodiverse and feels filled with endless possibility. I hope the term “environmental crisis” is something of the past that was resolved and not something currently weighing you down at this moment. I hope the time between this moment I write to you and the moment you’re reading this letter is a time you can look back on as an era of ecologic conservation and transformation rather than of tragedy. Is that too much to hope for? Here’s what I am doing now to ensure those hopes for you. I continue to take courses and connect to sources which educate me about the truths of environmental issues and new ways I can become involved and support important change. I have been vegan for three months now and am doing everything I can to reduce my use of greenhouse gas emitting transportation sources. I make an effort every day to learn something new about my energy consumption and reduce it, such as reducing my personal waste and avoiding fast fashion. I explore initiatives which support communities more vulnerable to environmental issues and start conversations about environmental injustice. I have learned so much this past semester and continue to learn more each day about what I can do and what systematically can be done to reduce the horrifying projections climate change is bringing. I am not perfect by any means, but I hope these changes and more I continue to implement mean that my hopes are true for you today.

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For my children,

If we haven’t done enough and the world you’re living on is apocalyptic or if you’re living on another planet then I’m deeply sorry and just know that I believe in you and I know that you are both strong and smart enough to handle anything.


Dear next generation,

Please don’t wait to see the adverse effects instead adopt that river, stream, lake or ocean to make the world a better place.


dear future people (:

I hope that people are still enjoying the wonders that nature has to offer.


Dear future love,

A culture of consumption is the reason that my world faces such an ecological crisis, it is both necessary and proper to address the fundamental mindsets that have created such a destructive culture.


To the Three most Beautiful Souls I could ever Know,

I promise to keep your Love at the forefront of my every move. I will make personal changes and I will learn more, so that I can contribute to a healthier environment in a meaningful way.


To My Dear Children, Jackson Carlo and Stella Jane,

I am a better person because of you, and I want the world to be a better place for you.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to ask five of my friends to plant trees.


Dear Earth,

I will keep the air clean so everyone can see the sunset.


Dear X—, Dear A—,

As with our struggles to eliminate police brutality, as with hate crimes, so it is with climate change – there are actually a lot of people out there who care.


Dear Lincoln,

I wanted to let you know that in 2019 that there were real struggles with the health of our planet.


Happy 34th birthday my son.

To laugh at our efforts as they were on such a small scale, too small some would say to make a difference, and then smile when we think about the number families just like ours that did the same thing.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise when I start my baking franchise, I will reduce pollution made by it as much as physically possible.

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