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Dear future children,

As your mother, all I am asking is for your well-being and a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle should include a minimal way of living. Avoid being consumeristic and learn to live with nature. As a daughter who’s both fathers were business men, and a mother who dedicated her life to farm and take care of her families children. I am happy to say I have learnt both ends of spectrum what life can mean when you don’t have and when you suddenly have everything in life. That does not mean money only, but a loving and supportive family. I assure all of you my babies, to live a life that is sustainable and be conscious of your actions. Always protect what you have and that is the earth you live in and your future children will live in.
Love you all!

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Dear Finley,

I wonder if in 2050 we will be looking at a future where fear from the changes at hand has caused people to hate rather than love and provide hope. Perhaps in that world we will we no longer comprehend the biblical texts in a meaningful way. Will climate change be the end of the epoch of God?


Querido amanhã,

Em fim, espero que você receba essa mensagem, e entenda o quão pequenos nos somos e como é importante preservar o planeta terra.


Dear Future Grandchildren,

I hope I can look you in the eye and tell you I honestly did everything I could to protect our planet.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to switch from “light” to “deep” green.


Dear Tripp,

I promise to do my part, supporting federal legislation to protect our earth while starting small with projects at home.


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will eat vegan, organic, locally grown, and seasonal.


Dear Nafia,

I also hope that your previous prayers have been answered. The way you wanted to create green jobs for your fellow city dwellers have been fulfilled already.


Dear Lucy,

The clock ticks, time passes, and the earth and all of its inhabitants move closer to dangerous boundaries we can dimly discern but cannot see clearly.


Dear kids of America,

Please eliminate plastic everything


Dear Tomorrow,

This is just the beginning. It’s the accrual of little seeds of change that will lead to the tree of revolution.


Dear Grandchildren,

So here we are. In 2022 millions of people are suffering from the climate catastrophes, killing pollution and pandemic, not mentioning about poverty, gender and social injustice, racism, wars and dictatorships that can go on as long as bad people in power are allowed to grab our natural resources.


I love you Earth.

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