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Dear Athena,

Congratulations on making it to 2050, no mean feat. There is endless love for you, I promise to make each day in 2022 better than the last, 1 little movement at a time. I promise to plant as many trees and seeds and greenery as possible.

I promise to stop being a shitty little rebellious daughter myself, and trusting the goodness of others, and create space for the potential they have to become. I will keep learning about gardening, karma, yoga, and kindness. I hope the world from your perspective is a lot greener and safer. Love Mum

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Dear Brady,

I will work everyday to combat climate change for your today, for your tomorrow!


Dear Erica and Matthew,

I want you to be able to bring your kids to Tahoe and experience the same clarity that you had as a child.


Dear Children,

I wish I had a crystal ball and could peep into it to see you all happy and safe in a world that nourishes you and that is also nourished by you, a world where the resources it provides are as valued as the people in it and not frittered away by greed and power.


Dear Tomorrow,

I will aim to lower my carbon footprint!


Future Self & Ka’iulani,

We promise to reduce the amount of carbon we use on a daily basis.


Dear Tomorrow

I promise to encourage myself and others to recycle more.


Dear Evan,

What has most inspired me to act is wanting to be able to look you in the eye and say, “When I became aware of the existential threat of climate change, I did all I could.”  Despite my pessimism, I act in the hope it can make a difference for future generations and all the precious life on our fragile planet.


Jeremy M,

My promise is to work to protest carbon emissions.


Dear Luna,

I will never give up on you, on humanity, on the future.


Querido amanhã,

Em fim, espero que você receba essa mensagem, e entenda o quão pequenos nos somos e como é importante preservar o planeta terra.


For those who come after us,

This is for the countless children I already see suffering the impact of climate change around the world, and the generations to follow.


To my dear son,

Last year most of the world’s reefs turned white at some point, but because it was underwater you and your friends didn’t see.

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