Our work is made possible through the generous support of the KR Foundation and hundreds of individual supporters.

Founding Investors $5000+

Michael Davies
3 Anonymous donors

Benefactors $1000+

2 Anonymous donors

2018 Sponsors $200+

Jen Austin
Joel Burns and J.D. Angle
Bruce Hamilton
Jack and Betty
PJ Jannuzzi
Ken Knapp
Vikram Kirloskar
Alan & Michele Lamb
Henry and Mary Lee
Nathan Ophardt and Kristina Anderson
Bill Reich
Sam and Annabelle Schiller
Elvera Shappirio
Will and Jamie Toraason
Priscilla Woolworth
1 Anonymous donor

2018 Sustaining Monthly Donors

Molly Blank
The Blessington Family
Jocelyn Crapo and Tom Tillotson
Jenny Delwood
Jenny, David and Lumen Flinders
Andrew Gill
Glenn Grimshaw
Elaine Hill
Georgia Hollister Isman
Anders and Vero
PJ Jannuzzi
K2 Family
Julia Lee
Sebastian Serra
Amy Sherman
Joyce and Jon Stonebraker
Danielle and Damien Zamudio
1 Anonymous donor

To become a sustaining donor or for more information, please contact jill@deartomorrow.org

2018 Generosity Brooklyn 5K Fundraising Team and Volunteers, April 2018

Kate Alcorn, Kristina Anderson, Zhudyz Bakytzhanova, Ailish Coughlin, Gretchen Dahlkemper, Laura Gardner, Rebecca Givan, Teresa Janevic, Eric Jensen, Jennifer Kubit, Jill Kubit, Matt Lamb, Katherine McCue, Spencer Merolla, Emily Moyer, Riel Peerbooms, Alla Roylance, Jessica Sain, Colin Schiller, Ryan Shobe, Trisha Shrum, Nathaniel Triennens, Latica Tomasic, Amy Way, Rawlston Williams, Damien Zamudio and Danielle Zamudio.