DearTomorrow partners with diverse organizations including: non-profits, community organizations, schools and universities, churches, businesses, and local governments. Groups use and adapt DearTomorrow to engage their community and to strengthen their storytelling and communications practices.  

DearTomorrow has been used by hundreds of organizations, groups, teachers, and organizers. Select organizations using DearTomorrow have included: Before the Flood film, Children’s Radio Foundation, Climate Dads, Creatives4Climate, Elders Climate Action, Environmental Voter Project, Families for a Livable Climate, GreenFaith, Long Now Boston, Marin County, Moms Clean Air Force, People’s Climate Movement Kansas City, the Solutions Project, Trailblazers camp, and Virgin.com, among others.

DearTomorrow has also been integrated into curriculum from grade 8 to undergraduate courses, including: CUNY City Tech, DePaul University, Florida Gulf Coast University, San Jose State University, Tufts University, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and the University of Vermont.

Finally, DearTomorrow has inspired storytelling and creative projects around the world, and has helped launch new projects organizations, including: the Our Kids’ Climate global network.

For partnership information or to use DearTomorrow in your community, please contact jill@deartomorrow.org.