To my son,

We must consciously build the future. The earth must be saved by the soul of peace, your soul…

by Clotilde Y J Guyot-Lindh


To my children,

Because of my children, I’m thinking of the future. We must be conscious adults as we build it.

by Clotilde Y J Guyot-Lindh


To the future leaders of this world,

“Earth is a *Source* of Life for all of Mankind; and not a *Resource* of Profit for a Select Few Men !!” #Micronationalism #Flandrensis #AigesMortes #Antarctica #NoHumansOnlyNature #GlobalWarming

by Niels Vermeersch


Future generations

I promise to walk or take the bike whenever I can and if it’s far to take public transportation, to help minimize the amount of carbons polluting our climate, for a healthy life and a healthy world.

by Nayera Saad


Dear Earth,

I promise to be a better human.

by Anonymous


Dear friends and family,

Love ya all and keep fighting on.

by Dmitrii Ivanov


Dear humanity of the future,

A symbol of reuse/recycle if our community: Auroville. I promise to keep recycling and reusing as much as possible 🙂 Hugs.

by Anonymous


Dear Chinuachebe Lennon Olobio,

Time flies like a butterfly that used to be a caterpillar…

by Oyintokoni Olobio


To anyone who has heard my music,

I promise to care about the planet.

by Kim Elm Bleika


Future Self & Ka’iulani,

We promise to reduce the amount of carbon we use on a daily basis.

by Cherisse Salmo


Dear Future Generations,

We promise that we will never buy again products with palm oil. Love, Sandra and Patrick

by Patrick Pürro


Bricelyn, Bastian, Justin, Jayden,

I promise to live a life of compassion to all Animals, Vegetables, and Minerals of Earth.

by Lee Schweitzer


Dear Scientists

I promise to fight for your ability to study global climate without fear of political retaliation.

by Taryn Black


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to reduce my carbon footprint and fight for climate policies so that you can hike up a glacier in the lower 48.

by Taryn Black


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to take as many actions as I can to make policies that protect our environment, and to actively leave the earth cleaner and greener in the parts I live and visit.

by Constance Clare-Newman



I’ll use plastic the least I can’t. I’ll prepare my own bag.

by Shang-Yuan Lan


Future Taiwan,

I promise I will sort the trash to protect our earth. 2016.11.24

by Phoebe Chen


Dear Future,

We hope Trump will start “Green Energy” and stop using “Green Fuel”. Taipei, Taiwan

by Leo Lee


Dear Earth,

I promise I will turn off the light before I leave the room. I will prepare my own bag when I go shopping.

by Victor Hsiao


Dear my 103 classmates,

I promise that I will take the (public) transportation day by day. Benjamin and David.

by David Lien


Dear Earth,

We promise we’ll remember to turn off the light and take the bus and the MRT. We come from Taiwan.

by Sevina Lin


Dear future me,

I will play my part in reducing Co2 by: continuing to eat less beef, recycling, and supporting public awareness & signing petitions. I will also walk or cycle more, be as carbon friendly a consumer as possible (no palm oil/petroleum products) and offset my flights.

by Judith Cox


Dear Pili,

Prometo hacer todo lo posible por disminuir al máximo mi huella de CO2, y concientizar a nuestra suciedad. Tu padrino, Seba Buccello

by Sebastian Horacio Buccello


Dear Martje,

I promise to do my best and raise my voice to ensure a better future for you and our future kids!

by Ruben den Uil


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will do whatever I can to protect and preserve mother Earth for future generations.

by Melwyn Cardozo


Dearest João Pedro,

by Jerry Janes


Dear future family,

I promise to never give up.

by Laur Fisher


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to remain dedicated to changing policy.

by Annalyn Bachmann


Dear Gregor,

We try our best that we can go skiing and sledding together in Swiss Alps also in 50 years.

by Juna Shrestha


Dear Quinn and Georgie,

by Melanie Hancock


Dear Sophia,

by William Vanden Dries


Dear S,

by Anonymous


Dear Rayna, Ember, and Baby,

by Tammy Bradshaw


The Most Important Legacy

by Deborah and George Kornfeld


Dear Drew, Ryan, Luca, and Shay,

by Art and Jen Swanson


Dear Isabel and Sam,

by Caren Kaufman

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