Dear Lilah, Frank + Sadie,

I promise to build awareness about climate change and help elect candidates who will help. Love, Mommy

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to take pictures that inspire people to care about nature.

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to eat less animal products in order to reduce environmental protection and destruction. – Monica

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to take care of animals with disabilities.

by Anonymous


I promise to effective electricity utilization and bio friendly disposals.

by Anonymous


I pledge to ride my bike when I would have driven.

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to stay active + engaged in our local community conservation. Penelope and Mommy

by Anonymous


I pledge to reduce my carbon footprint every single day. I pledge to walk, bike and take public transit.

by Gregory Rechner


I pledge to volunteer with grassroots organizations to fight for our climate. There is no planet B. Andrew

by Anonymous


Future generation,

I promise to eat no meat, build awareness around climate change, and dedicate my career to conservation. Catie

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to stay informed so that I can properly share with others the importance and validity of climate change!

by Anonymous


Dear future me,

I promise to continue to use alternative forms of transportation and decrease my carbon footprint as much as I can! #Choose2Cruise Hugs, Shania

by Shania Santana


Dear Future,

I promise to make my friends and I recycle more. Also, I’ll make sure we unplug our chargers. -Malek King #fightfor15

by Malek King


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to protect children from air pollution!

by Patrice Tomcik


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to pack my lunch to reduce waste.

by Sylena Smith


Dear future students,

Dear our in future we promise to work hard for the planet, we are positive and we think that the planet will be saved. We have to fight to protect our home .

by Orietta Bononcini


Ai ragazzi del futuro, Dear future guys,

You have to promise to improve the world by using renewable energy, recycling and not polluting, and many other things to help the planet. And you have to think before you act. Promise to live better and do your best. Noi per il mondo stiamo già agendo ad esempio riciclando i rifiuti con l’aiuto della […]

by Orietta Bononcini


Dear future generations,

We think that we are talking for everybody when we say ‘’we are sorry’’, we are sorry to leave you such a messy planet, we are sorry if we are too much busy to do something. We are sorry if we have used nature like our credit card without limit, we are sorry to have […]

by Orietta Bononcini



I promise to start recycling at home.

by Anonymous



Con questa poesia vogliamo incitare tutti quanti ad informarsi seriamente sul problema del riscaldamento globale. In ballo c’è la nostra vita, quella dei nostri figli e di tutte le specie animali presenti sulla terra. L’uomo è il risultato di migliaia di anni di evoluzione ed è impensabile che, malgrado tutti i progressi fatti in ambito […]

by Orietta Bononcini



by Ashton Strine


Dear Nolan,

I promise to fly less and to eat less meat.

by Mary Beth Mannarino


Dear 598 Wenzell,

I will continue to nurture native plants in the yard.

by Angela Pasquale


Dear Earth,

I promise to eat food that is locally grown and eat less meat.

by Shawna Wilson


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to recycle my waste.

by Anonymous


Dear Earth!

I promise to ride my bike to work!

by Anonymous


Dear Adam,

I promise to start walking more on my lunch break.

by Danielle Gordon


Dear Future Me,

I promise to earn the right to vote where I live and vote to support environmentally-friendly politicians.

by John Taylor


Future Pittsburgh,

I promise to vote for candidates that have made climate change a priority. Sincerely, Bill

by William Peduto


Dear Earth,

We promise to protect and care for the animals in the ocean.

by Stephanie Bell


Dear Marisa & Renee,

I will grow organic vegetables and try to each and serve more healthy foods. Love, mom

by Phyllis Di Diano


Dear Earth,

I promise to make sure that my family doesn’t buy any electricity from coal plants. We will sustain ourselves with our own solar energy. Love, Izzie

by Izzie Taylor


Dear Ari, Aidan, Charlotte, Penny & Annabel,

I promise to honor Tikkun Olam, to buy less, and to work for change that will leave you a healthy planet and ensure justice for all. Love, Bubbe

by Anonymous


Little Sparrow,

I promise I will always use my voice to protect the places we love. Mom

by Suzi Ward


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to unplug my appliances, use natural face scrubs to avoid contaminated the sea, will not use products tested on animals. I’ll also frequently ride my bike to reduce air pollution.

by Joselyn Mora


To my son,

We must consciously build the future. The earth must be saved by the soul of peace, your soul…

by Clotilde Y J Guyot-Lindh

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