Senator Blunt,

I’ve been soaked by the climate today! And I promise I will vote for a person who will change the attitude!

by Mary Ellen Vincent


Looking for electric cars!

by Anonymous


Dear Future:

I promise to continue to educate and install renewable energy.

by Mark Goyke


Dear Future Pittsburgh,

I promise to keep talking about climate change with EVERYONE and I will see if we can put solar energy on the roof of my apartment building.

by MaryAnn Steiner


Dear Aaro + Milo,

I promise to become an active American climate citizen.

by Kirsi Jansa


I promise to talk to my family and friends about the importance of climate change.

by Pradeep Chakkingal


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to research alternative energy sources for innovation.

by Katherine Li


Der tumuro. I wil rid my buyc. Love Charlie. We love this post, the phonetic spelling of “Dear Tomorrow, I will ride my bike. Love, Charlie”

by Charlie Camut


I promise to buy local food. I promise not to leave my bedroom light on. I can turn the water off.

by Erika Adams


Dear Pittsburgh,

I promise to reduce, reuse, recycle.

by Sarah Flanders


I promise to recycle more!!!

by Marcia Williams


Dear Girls,

I will plant more trees and plant flowers and help our community.

by Alasia Green


Future me (quincy),

I promise to be a paleontologist.

by Quincy Kofi


I pledge to be a conscious consumer.

by Amanda Lee


I promise to be part of the total solutions of stormwater management.

by Susan Chang


Dear Future,

I promise to talk to my friends and family about the importance of climate change.

by Annie Regan


I pledge to inspire as an actor in my movies.

by Zachary Foerster


Dear Girls,

It is up to us. We are strong and powerful and can reverse global warming. #onechangemakesadifference

by Linda Brison


Dear Adult Me,

I promise I will at least try to get people interested in stopping climate change. Best of wishes, Young Frank

by Frank Post


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to involve myself into the community to educate others of climate action.

by Christine Montgomery


Dear me,

I promise to try and promote solar power. I will do my best to avoid fossil fuel energy. I will produce 75% of my own electricity in my house. I will protest when necessary to promote green energy. -10 year old Ashton

by Ashton Jones


Dear tomorrow…

I will install solar roof panel! Sin Min

by Anonymous


Dear Lilah, Frank + Sadie,

I promise to build awareness about climate change and help elect candidates who will help. Love, Mommy

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to take pictures that inspire people to care about nature.

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to eat less animal products in order to reduce environmental protection and destruction. – Monica

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to take care of animals with disabilities.

by Anonymous


I promise to effective electricity utilization and bio friendly disposals.

by Anonymous


I pledge to ride my bike when I would have driven.

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to stay active + engaged in our local community conservation. Penelope and Mommy

by Anonymous


I pledge to reduce my carbon footprint every single day. I pledge to walk, bike and take public transit.

by Gregory Rechner


I pledge to volunteer with grassroots organizations to fight for our climate. There is no planet B. Andrew

by Anonymous


Future generation,

I promise to eat no meat, build awareness around climate change, and dedicate my career to conservation. Catie

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to stay informed so that I can properly share with others the importance and validity of climate change!

by Anonymous


I pledge to eat more seasonably.

by Anonymous


I promise not to watch communications in bed. I promise to support more locally… I promise to be on my phone less.

by Anonymous


Dear future me,

I promise to continue to use alternative forms of transportation and decrease my carbon footprint as much as I can! #Choose2Cruise Hugs, Shania

by Shania Santana

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