Dear Summer,

by Anonymous


Dear Students,

I promise to make my home (and future homes) more energy efficient and greener! – Jenny

by Jennifer Salazar


Dear Alara and Evren,

I promise to teach you kiddos about recycling and paper waste disposal. Love, Mama

by Erika Lum


I promise to walk more + drive less. I promise to avoid plastic bags. I promise to vote for candidates who support science.

by David Mooney


I will not litter.

by Connor Sherrill


Dear Tomorrow


by Colin Sherrill


Dear Tomorrow,

I will plant more flowers.

by Justina Valdez


Dear Earth,

I promise to pick up trash.

by Davide Ferroni


Dear Earth,

I promise to clen the earth.

by Letizia Ferroni


Dear Mother Earth,

I promise to wear sustainable clothes and partake in the 10 item wardrobe.

by Anonymous


I pledge to shop less for things I don’t need. Sarah

by Sarah Flanders


Future Pittsburgh,

I promise to vote for candidates who support climate change!

by Lauren Mabry


Dear Tomorrow,

I pledge to put solar on our house!

by Sherree Hall


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to pick up litter.

by Anonymous


Dear Mother Nature,

I promise to educate people about the importance of keeping nature clean.

by Amalia Glowczeski


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to grow more trees for more oxygen.

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

I pledge to go solar and buy a more sustainable energy car.

by Elizabeth Glowczeski


I will yous the water les.

by Anonymous


Dear Earth,

I promise to walk, take public transportation and bike every chance I get.

by Anonymous


Dear Future Pittsburgh,

I promise to consider things I can do to make my impact on the environment less than it is now.

by Dan Cornell


Dear Mother Earth,

I promise to be kind to animals.

by Anonymous


Dear Mother Earth,

I promise to live a zero-waste lifestyle.

by Camilla Cook


I pledge to stop using so much PLASTIC!

by Kerri Allen


Dear Mother Earth,

I vow to protect you by being a lifelong vegan.

by Ellie Gordon


Dear Today,

I promise to build awareness about the importance of climate change by teaching my students. They will learn from the resources at a Pittsburgh school.

by Daphne Pappas-Anderson


Dear Future,

I promise to help my students learn the importance of preserving our natural resources.

by Tessa Karel


I promise to disrupt and to use my community to create change.

by Renee Rosensteel


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise to drive as seldom as possible.

by Maxine Heller


Dear Wonderful Mother Earth,

I promise to plant a tree in my yard or community.

by Mary Ruth Aull


Dear Tomorrow,

I promise I will learn more about composting and start doing this on my own.

by Caitlin Carey


Dear Daughters,

I pledge to bike, walk and bus more, especially the “last mile” – Mom/Karen

by Karen Lightman


Dear Tom and Luna,

I don’t want to be silent in light of environmental injustice, so I am going to teach about it in my classes. I promise to help protect our community from the inequities of environmental destruction and pollution.

by Sabine Endicott


Dear Reya,

We promise to discuss climate change and its impacts on people, animals and all of biodiversity. We promise to change our energy habits to use less fuel and continue the habit of eating mostly a plant-based diet. We promise to explore nature with you and learn together as a family.

by Anonymous


Dear Niro,

I hope in your time coming up that you will learn to be a care taker of our precious earth and instill green practices in your daily life beyond recycling. You’re blessed to be part of a community of families to make it part of their mission + part of their lifestyle. My promise to […]

by Manija Mayel


Dear Anka,

I plan to use my bike more in 2018. Mama

by Teresa Janevic


Dear Kira and Seva,

I promise to share and build upon my love and special care for this beautiful planet of ours and all its inhabitants. I promise to nurture our family’s connection to the ocean and take steps to raise awareness on how to protect it. I promise to ride bikes more, take hikes often, use recycled material […]

by Anya Popova

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