Dear future generation,

Honestly, I am hope what I said is wrong and the importance of renewable energy has finally been acknowledged.

by Anonymous

Dear to the future generations,

I imagine a world where there will be little to no pollution with our advanced technology aiding us to a better life.

by Youssef Abdelhadi

Dear future me,

I hope that we learned to love this world the way it loves us.

by Anonymous

To my child,

Hopefully, we both have a healthy life in our future.

by Anonymous

Dear future family,

I bought an electric vehicle to curb my use of fossil fuels, and also cut back on my consumption of red meat.

by Evan Lowe

Dear Future Generations,

When I look back on the progress our country has made in thirty years I hope we are able to mitigate the worst impact of climate change and human degradation on the planet and the limited resources it holds.

by Blake Allen

Dear future children of all ages,

To the future generation of kids, speak up and protest again things that you find unfair and unjust.

by Anonymous


To what we’ve overcome.

The first step would be in overcoming ourselves. Because whether we end up fading into obscurity, or thriving in prosperity, we will overcome ourselves.

by Leo Le

Dear family and myself, or whomever will read this who has impacted me life dearly,

I know it may be hard to due to convenience, but little differences also make a huge impact. Remember that.

by Anonymous

Dear future children,

Even though the world may look bleak there is always a spark of hope that you must always hold on to in order to get through the chaos.

by Anonymous

To the people of the future,

I wish for a place where we can live, sustain life and have all the things we ever wanted to enjoy with loved ones. I hope God grants my wish!

by Anonymous

Dear my son Cobyn and any other children I have after him, and grandchildren thereafter.

I love you all very much and pray with my whole heart you all get to enjoy the world the way I did.

by Allana Milliken


Happy 34th birthday my son.

To laugh at our efforts as they were on such a small scale, too small some would say to make a difference, and then smile when we think about the number families just like ours that did the same thing.

by Daniel Brenner

To myself, my family, and all the world,

I promise you (myself in the future haha) to keep the faith in my dreams.

by Andres Cifuentes O.


Dear Future Me: Only open after March 4th, 2050

I don’t regret my past ventures, nor do I believe I will regret my future ventures, but I’ve learned that I’ve needed to manifest these experiences into actions of sustainable development and conservation and protection of our environment.

by Mia Jenssen

To my future family,

I desperately hope that future generations live in a world that isn’t on the edge of collapse.

by Anonymous

Dear Future Joel,

The year is 2018, and I believe that fixing this problem will the start of a great domino effect.

by Joel Luciano

To Future Daring, Wild Girls,

I hope you will feel empowered by nature, like you are invincible and can rule the world. Because you can.

by Isabel Cueto

Dear future self,

I strongly believe that if we were to educate young minds on what exactly is happening to our planet more young people would feel an obligation to do something about it.

by Anonymous

To my nieces and nephews, and all others who follow in my footsteps,

Everything dovetails and, in turn, cascades. That’s the issue with climate change; sooner or later, some facet of it hunts you down.

by Anonymous

Dear Tim,

I promise to never get caught up in the haves and have nots and instead focus on what more I could be doing.

by Tim Gamble

To the dreamers of tomorrow,

Deeply rooted within you, you have a connection to the world around you that many previous generations have neglected or written off. Trust it.

by Tyler Allen

To My Future Children and Grandchildren…

It affects everyone. It does not spare the rich or the privileged, although those systemically oppressed and with less access to a healthy environment are at a higher risk for climate change effects.

by Anonymous

To my Grandchildren and to future generations,

You see, the raw and nasty nature of the world we live in is a blessing in disguise, without them we would not be able to cherish the moments that take our breath away.

by Anonymous

To My Future Children,

There will be stories told to you by your grandparents and uncle on how I was a strange, eclectic woman that dressed in secondhand clothes and worked at an animal rescue and vintage store in my teenage years

by Brigit West

To future generations,

I felt it was my responsibility to contribute to the reversal of these harmful environmental impacts because they will directly and negatively affect you.

by Anonymous

To my future child,

Some of my best memories are from those summers: hiking in the mountains, swimming in the waterfalls, reading on the porch, spending time with family. I can’t imagine my life without these experiences, and nature plays an integral role in all of them.

by James Derecskey

Dear Grandchildren,

Hopefully you are able to grow up in a green world that has been improved over and over by the generations before you.

by Evan Mucciolo

Dear Daughter/Son,

I just want you to know that I am doing all that I can so that you can live a safe and healthy life, just like myself and my mother and her mother have lived.

by Jasmine Redmond


To my future children,

Never before would I have said that I am one to take initiative.

by Ian Overutrf

Dear Future Children,

I am writing this letter as a promise to you that I am going to continue to make changes in my life that will better your lives.

by Anonymous

To my family, friends, and generations to come,

For the sake of the Earth and all of its inhabitants, we need to preserve the biodiversity and natural wonders, beauties, and landscapes it has to offer.

by Anonymous


My grandchildren,

I promise to do my very best to educate your parents as best I can by doing as much as I can to help save our world

by Jason Finnane

To my beloved grandchildren Sam, Carlo and Price,

I was not a politician and could not accomplish sweeping changes but I knew that each individual action taken counted.

by Marilyn Price

Dear Humanity!

please help me make a better world for my kids!

by Michael Angelo Simonelli

Dear Lucca and Sonia,

I realized that I wanted to be able to tell you that I had done everything I could to leave you that just, sustainable world.

by Margo Frank

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