To my grandchildren of today & the future,

I have joined the movements to help more in areas of nature and design for a better safer happier world to live in.

by Janice OBrien

Dear Future Tomorrow,

It takes more than ONE person and it begins with YOU and what YOU want to see change.

by Krystal Shephard

Dear tomorrow,

Some of us do not understand the connections with our footprint in the earth, while others try to reduce our impact of damage in our home.

by Vilma Un Jan

Dear Future Generations,

Many are staying silent about climate change, but it needs to be stopped.

by Lydia Snyder

To My Future Children,

You all will be in charge of igniting real change and restoring the Earth back to the way that it was intended to be.

by Maya Laws

Dear Tomorrow,

I write from a friend’s house in Lehigh Acres, Florida, with Hurricane Irma, the strongest storm ever produced by the Atlantic, swirling around me.

by Shelby Jacobson

Dearest children and grandchildren,

This is done with love and hope.

by Kara Lang

Dear Future Changemakers,

Never hold back, the earth needs your voice.

by Anonymous


Dear Tomorrow,

The road I learned to ride my bike on, the field where I kicked my first soccer ball, and the park I ate my first ice cream cone at, could all be gone.

by Krista Kihlander

Dear Future Generations,

This future I do not accept it.

by Anonymous

Dear Finn and other future grandchildren,

I want to be better at preserving the future for you, but it will take everyone

by Terria Stout

Dear future society,

I’m afraid to grow up.

by Cynthia Gray

Dear Robert and Lewis,

I hope that you are continuing to care deeply about our Earth and will pass on your love of the environment to your children.

by Marie Hunter


Dear Daughter,

I want you to be prepared for the world that the generations before you are creating for you. I love you Lucienne, and I will not give up. I will push you and teach you not to give up, either, even if others around you do.

by Scott Brown

To Future Students,

I’m sure looking back it will seem ridiculous that so many people did not believe in climate change.

by Anonymous

Σε αυτούς που αγαπώ,

Αυτό που πραγματικά εύχομαι είναι ο κόσμος να γίνει καλύτερος για έσας.. για να μεγαλώσετε σωστά και να μπορείτε να απολαμβάνετε τα αγαθά της φύσης όπως και η δική μου γενία.

by Adriana Eleftheriadou

To my future kids:

Grandpa took me and your Uncle Max here to go fly fishing, which I hope to be able to to do with you in your lifetime.

by Anonymous


Dear Finn and Cy,

I think a lot about what you might be like when you grow up and about what kind of world you will live in.

by Josh Lawler

Dear my future nephew,

I promise you to try my best to make a better world for you by decreasing my carbon, plastic and other wastes the causes damages to our environment.

by Aisha Al-Duliam

To the future generation:

No voice is too small to be heard. Every action counts.

by Anonymous

Dear tomorrow,

My hopes are that we find ways to build ourselves a world here on Earth that can sustain itself.

by Rasa Willette


Dear meir,

I promise to reduce waste by recycling and using less garbage bags per week as a result.

by Libby Raiz

Dear meir,

Everything depends on the present choices. Each individual counts.

by Libby Raiz

To my potential children,

This is a time in which climate change equates guilt, anger, conflict, politics; things that as your mother I wish you never had to encounter, though I know you will.

by Twyla Neely-Streit

To Future Descendants,

We are trying to populate other planets for habitat but cannot seem to fix the planet we are in.

by Anonymous

Dear future children,

I believe the people of this country will begin to realize that ignoring this problem is not an option.

by Anonymous

Dear Alyssa and Johnny,

I am putting my whole future career into trying to help keep the earth healthy for future generations like you guys.

by Cassie Baron

To My Future Children,

I hope that by the time your reading this message that solar roofs and electric vehicles have become the norm, and somebody has found a sustainable alternative to jet fuel in airplanes.

by Anonymous

To my future children,

We must remember that we still live in a democracy, our words do matter, and it is so important to stand up and support what you believe in.

by Anonymous

To the Future Generations,

I want you to know that people cared and are learning to change.

by Anonymous

Dear future child,

We can create change if we use our voices. Don’t be afraid to use yours.

by Anonymous

A note to my children,

I have no high hopes for my successes with my promises, but I will work myself into the ground trying to fulfill them.

by Anonymous


To My Future Children,

Most importantly, I hope you live in a world where science is taken seriously and fact is clearly distinguished from fiction.

by Tess Conway

Dear Future James,

Never forget your power to change the world.

by Anonymous

To whom it may concern,

Life is precious- let’s have fun, but understand what we and our toys are capable of.

by Charley Grossman

Dear Future People,

The problems aren’t even in the distant future, they are happening right now and somehow people are still denying that they exist.

by Anonymous

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